Wednesday, May 13, 2009

1st Page - Dedicated Song

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It is impossible to understand what's going through a man's heart
You told me that U wanted me and Now that I've given U everything
& U tell me that u're leaving
You told me it was the 1st time U felt this way
& U said that I was special
I believed U & It was my happiness

You should have told me that your feeling had faded
I had no idea and continued to depend on U
Although I say I hate U now, I'll be missing U
Because I'm a girl, to whom Love is everything

They say that if U give a man all he wants
He quickly gets bored
& I know that is the truth
& Although I told myself I'll never be tricked by Love again
I fell in Love & my heart is broken again

Please dont break the heart of a girl
Who would do anything for Love
I didnt know that living in this life
while hoping to be loved would be so difficult

Today we broke up
You told me to meet someone better than U & be happy
You're just like the other guyz
What happened to when U told me that U Loved me?
Honestly, I don want U to be happy
What am I gonna do if U reali forget bout me?
I'm in so much pain.. More pain that I can bare..

* Even though I'm not a Girl
I could somehow understand how she feels
Girl, Just move on
It will be never too late for U *

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