Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Its just Me, being Myself

Recently some nasty things happened in my working place
It is reali a nonsense trouble for me
For U guyz, being senior to me, doing some Back-Stabs at me
For I don even know U but U seem to hate me like I've killed Ur whole family members
Come on, its just me being myself
So long I did not harm U, Y would U turn out to be a street dog that blindly bites me?
Its just unfair

Yea.. I'm always loud, talkative, attention catachie but I mean no harm
Its just me, being myself
I see nothing wrong

Anyway, back to reality
When U come to work, U will understand
Those sick-minded fellas, they love faker
Entertain them, Please them & show no threatening
Guess wat? I hate to be someone like that
No choice kan? I better conform tis sick formality in order to survive

Wayne: 这么快?你不用时间疗伤吗?
Yes I do. I've decided to move on. I'll be fine, I mean total fine one day. Thanks so much for concerning. Appreciate it :D

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