Monday, June 29, 2009

3 Days Off in a Row

Aright, finally I have 3 days off in a row
I have decided to keep 1 day off totally for myself
Been working & working & I achieve 22 days maximum working days
Feeling so BEST~!! Tired though but for the sake of money
MOJ hoho :D

Day 1
I put myself on the bed, with my loyal bf - Blackie PSP
Basically I was acting like a normal teenager
Woke up PSP
Mama called - Breakfast time!
Continued PSP
Mama yelled - Lunch time!
Still PSP
Mama shouted - Dinner time!
Who Cares! PSP it is!!
I love Chrono Cross tis game. Magical world, touching stories never ending
Eternal Sadness my darling haha ^^
& so Yes! I did enjoy myself pretty well
It has got my lovely Shamrock Icon strap with it
It is the 4 leafed green clover, it brings luck! ^^

Day 2
In the morning time, I was actually still none stop PSP-ing
But I got one big event (big ke?)
SMK Segambut Jaya batch 1999-2003 Reunion~!!!
Dresscode? Black Blue n White
I was thinking.. Its been 6 to 7 years since I last saw all of them
I wonder R they, those malay girls still wearing Tudung as usual haha!!
Pampered myself with Deep Sea Mask for this special Event :p
This is the place! Felda Villa
Restoran D'Saji Felda Villa,
Anjung Felda,
Jalan Perumahan Gurney,
Off Jalan Semarak,
54000 Kuala Lumpur
Walking in with Pride!
Black Blue White, dresscode compliance
King, Queen & me "Little" Prince

See how heartful they could be?
Although it was not many of them but the warmth was there
Proud to be a SMK Segambut Jaya student Batch 2003 :)

Day 3
Dinner with a French buddy - Remi
His parents R in KL too! Alright, part time Tour Guide, Not a problem!
Wow~ My name appeared all of a sudden
Suzuki Swift, mayb I should put tis type of car into consideration
Mary is a cute French Lady, she introduced herself as Marilyn Monroe :p
John is tall! He is a Captain of A320 Aircraft!!
Mary couldnt reali understand English but her facial expression tells everything
This is Remi, a 21yo French dude
If U were to chat with him via MSN, u could see his English Dictionary text!
A Funny guyz, friendly & caring
French people cant reali use chopstick lolz
Use plate instead! They love Bak Kut Teh just like I do!

My 3 days off ended perfectly
Another restless days off
It was fun though
Having Panda Eyes in return & its still worthy ^-^

Light comes on, Light goes off
The fire in my heart, is flaming still
Lots more fun coming after this! Oh yea~
Time to get back to work before my BKK trip

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mémoire Perdue

Quelquefois je me demande.. Comment tu te sens maintenant
Une fois tu as dit que les gens qui t'entourent ne savaient pas comment t'apprécier
Regarde ce que tu m'as fait ? Tu es juste comme eux...
J'ai pensé avoir été inutile, ne pas être assez bien pour toi
Après tout ce que nous avons traversé ensemble,
Je pensais que cela signifiait quelque chose pour toi

Je n'aurais jamais imaginé que tu puisses stopper notre relation si brutalement
Tu m'as offert quelque chose pour la vie, quelque chose que tu avais reçu de ton ex
Je t'ai même aidé à concrétiser tes projets d'avenir,
Et si je ne l'avais pas fait tu ne serais pas en France actuellement
Enfin je me rends compte
Tu ne me mérites pas, je mérite une meilleure personne
J'ai appris quelque chose de ces 7 mois de relation
Merci pour tout
Surtout pour m'avoir fait monter au septième ciel et finallement m'avoir expédié en enfer
Tu peux rire de moi, te foutre de ma gueule
OUI ! Je suis faible
Mais aujourd'hui, je n'en ai plus rien à faire

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Long Long Day~

20th June - Eve's Birthday
Eve is a French girl. As wild as always.
Didnt expect I would get to know more French dudes in just a night!
Had so much fun with them & I was nearly drunk.
These Ms. Drag Transsexual Ladies/Men R superb! Big Boobs!! See the french girl who is kissing me? She said she likes me!
I was very happy :p
I couldnt remember when was the last time I smile like tis, very sunshine!! *slap me* I have got a nice round ass!!

21st June - Father's day
Last nite ended up around 2am, rushed home for few hours sleep

Papa's day, a day that U should not skip in ur life!

The plan was kinda out of my expectation

Normally it would be only a dinner, light celebration

Tis year, parents decided to go Pulau Ketam!
In order to get into Pulau Ketam
U gotta take boat, RM15 2 ways for one person All the way approximately 45mins to reach the Crab Island Papa said those ppl staying here r very simple
Simple life? I don think it suits me anymore
Nothing much to hang out in Pulau Ketam
Guess wat?
Its time for Lunch!
My Favourite! La La it is!!! :D
I thought the story would end from here, who knows..

Dinner time! Can I hope my day would end here?
Not Again?!

Movie time!!!
Its been few years didnt go for movie with family
Can sense my parents r kinda excited haha!
Love U two much!

22nd - FRIM trip
Again another day I gotta wake up early in the morning

Its been already 2 weeks I woke up in the morning!!

Elroy was the one who suggested for this trip
This tree has got a way different trunk from the others
Very the Jade texture :p
The view is superb! I love tis pic!
Elroy claimed that he has more sense than me in photo shooting
Guess wat? The shadow is him

Seriously I have no doubt bout his fashion & design sense

But tis pic.. Looks creepy to me *.*

Evon & Elroy, pls make ur words come true!

Fashion Show in tis piece of Jungle! Haha!
I miss my hometown all of a sudden
Planning to go back hometown next month with them! :)
I have been working & working lately
Sometimes I pause & think
I feel like being myself recently
I guess I have got back my own self
No longer someone who has lost his soul & mind
Someone who was wondering around the pond of death
Thanks to my beloved Frens & Family
I do appreciate U all with my heart & soul
I am single for now &
I could be much more happy than before

Its just pure happiness, very simple and yet true to feel.