Monday, June 29, 2009

3 Days Off in a Row

Aright, finally I have 3 days off in a row
I have decided to keep 1 day off totally for myself
Been working & working & I achieve 22 days maximum working days
Feeling so BEST~!! Tired though but for the sake of money
MOJ hoho :D

Day 1
I put myself on the bed, with my loyal bf - Blackie PSP
Basically I was acting like a normal teenager
Woke up PSP
Mama called - Breakfast time!
Continued PSP
Mama yelled - Lunch time!
Still PSP
Mama shouted - Dinner time!
Who Cares! PSP it is!!
I love Chrono Cross tis game. Magical world, touching stories never ending
Eternal Sadness my darling haha ^^
& so Yes! I did enjoy myself pretty well
It has got my lovely Shamrock Icon strap with it
It is the 4 leafed green clover, it brings luck! ^^

Day 2
In the morning time, I was actually still none stop PSP-ing
But I got one big event (big ke?)
SMK Segambut Jaya batch 1999-2003 Reunion~!!!
Dresscode? Black Blue n White
I was thinking.. Its been 6 to 7 years since I last saw all of them
I wonder R they, those malay girls still wearing Tudung as usual haha!!
Pampered myself with Deep Sea Mask for this special Event :p
This is the place! Felda Villa
Restoran D'Saji Felda Villa,
Anjung Felda,
Jalan Perumahan Gurney,
Off Jalan Semarak,
54000 Kuala Lumpur
Walking in with Pride!
Black Blue White, dresscode compliance
King, Queen & me "Little" Prince

See how heartful they could be?
Although it was not many of them but the warmth was there
Proud to be a SMK Segambut Jaya student Batch 2003 :)

Day 3
Dinner with a French buddy - Remi
His parents R in KL too! Alright, part time Tour Guide, Not a problem!
Wow~ My name appeared all of a sudden
Suzuki Swift, mayb I should put tis type of car into consideration
Mary is a cute French Lady, she introduced herself as Marilyn Monroe :p
John is tall! He is a Captain of A320 Aircraft!!
Mary couldnt reali understand English but her facial expression tells everything
This is Remi, a 21yo French dude
If U were to chat with him via MSN, u could see his English Dictionary text!
A Funny guyz, friendly & caring
French people cant reali use chopstick lolz
Use plate instead! They love Bak Kut Teh just like I do!

My 3 days off ended perfectly
Another restless days off
It was fun though
Having Panda Eyes in return & its still worthy ^-^

Light comes on, Light goes off
The fire in my heart, is flaming still
Lots more fun coming after this! Oh yea~
Time to get back to work before my BKK trip


  1. 哇~
    英文“fili fele”

  2. hehe~
    rnjoy ur holiday~~
    after tat~
    keep going for ur life~


  3. ahah ! here it is ! thanks for the article ;)

    In fact if my mother told you she "marilyn monroe" it's just because her full nam is "Marie Line" which is the same, but this time composed of two names ;)
    like I already told you, the three of us enjoyed a lot that evening, so I thank you one more time for being such a cool person and nice guide when it comes to visit a little piece of KL.
    You should be flying quite far away at this time, hope eveything is all right for you and that there are not any stupid customers on board ahah :)

    see you,