Friday, June 5, 2009

Healthy Life Style?

Recently my bestie Elroy is so free
Quit his stressful job, Gotten rid of his Vampire-Wannabe Boss
Well, he feels boring and empty now
2 more months to go, he'll b going to UK Birmingham for further studies
What can I do for him?
Applied Annual Leave in July, hopefully trip to BKK is on
At the meantime, just spend some times with him
Where to go? What to do? No longer just drinking session
U know, he cant drink much though (^o^) hoho :D

Went to this hill, abandoned piece of land after development
Perhaps more developments to go
I remember we used to go for jogging at this area
Jogging? Not exactly though. It is actually more to walking up to hill
Trust me, it is exhausting still!
The best part is to reach the top of hill, brilliant view!
Thanks to my bestie for his excellent job in editing pic
Anyway there is one pic I edited myself, guess?? (^o^) hoho

U gotta click on it to enlarge the pic
I cant believe it, so many monkeys "lepak-ing" there

Yup, jogging makes me feel alive
If I'm not mistaken, another jogging session 2day in FIRM!
Love U guyz so much my dear~


  1. let me guess~~
    must be the picture with
    'not cable car service'
    ' sweat'


  2. watever u disturb, do not disturb those monkeys! lolx

  3. hello~! pls remove the ugly~!