Friday, June 12, 2009

Its been a while

Its been almost 2 months since I last saw Ur face
Things now r totally not quite the same
Its kinda fast huh? Its been 2 months.. Its been a while..

Hang out with Michelle today
She told me bout her background, her past
I did not know that she has no father since young
Tis type of family background sounds familiar to me
She said she always prefers a mature man that could give her fatherly love
She was lucky that she got tis guyz for 3 years
Strange things do happen my darling
She decided to move on cuz she felt like she wants something else in her life
It was not about betraying or any obscene things going on at the back
It was just She prefers a man who could bring her to another level
But no longer someone who could provide a pure fatherly love
She is desperate for a LOVER now but no longer a FATHER

**Believe me, I took a cig before continued tis post
I was trying to digest wat she said today**

N there she goes, Michelle added.
When U R in 20, U wanted something badly
U turned to be 25, U wanted something else badly
Reached up 28, U wanted the other things desperately
Even when U R 30, U would probably have another aim in Ur life
True True. I nodded.

I guess, nothing remains the same
Even a huge hard rock could be shattered to pieces as
time goes by
I am a normal human being too
If I were U, mayb I would do the same thing
Forget bout whatever we have been thru & just move on easily
It is normal isnt it? Especially when U R being placed somewhere New & Fresh
I realized tis long time ago
How naive am I.. Still searching for Eternity
Giving up? Nope, I don think so

Trust me, I'll find my Eternity one day
I'm still full of faith & passion :D

Oh Yea, forgot to mention.
She is now 29 but still looking gorgeous. Love her lots!
By the way, Her dress is superb :P
For sure Ur White Horse Prince will appear in no time!
Wait..! Mayb not just A WHITE but SILVER Horse Prince or mayb Platinum?
Lolx. My utmost wish for U darling Michelle :)

It is lonely when I smoke alone..


  1. what a good Platinum Horse Prince!!

    tell UR frenz~
    smiale always~
    every thing will be more Beutiful~


  2. u do have a companion when u smoke. it will be that ciggie ur holding.

    as for your friend, when ppl grew at a certain stage, so is their desires and needs. she needs a some1 affectionate and passionate. a real gentleman. a man who only cared for her is no longer sufficient. a guy who loved her solely n truely.

  3. she doesnt look like 29!! wonder what they apply on face...same goes wif one of my lecturer! she's 29 too but hell she just doesnt look like one!!!