Friday, June 19, 2009

Just another Flying day

Did Yangon flight today with leased aircraft Boeing 737-800
My last visit to Yangon, Myanmar was on February
I miss its unique airport
Its like a temple, very religious type of airport
Sadly to say, Myanmar people they hardly speak English
During boarding, U can easily notice the way they dress up themselves
And their body smell, it is disgusting
During service, they request for beer, wine & so on
Never expected them to be that demanding though
By the way, even when I asked them for the choice of meals
"Excuse me Sir, R U ready for Ur meal?
I have Tandoori Chicken with steamed rice & Fried fish with Yellow Noodle"
The reply? Just a few nod & I still don know which choice they want
Reali don understand English huh?

Every time when I have Saigon, Yangon this kind of flight
Looking at those passengers, I feel sympathy for them
I guess I should be grateful
For I have a proper education when I was young
I feel shame of myself to be so proud like time
I feel silly to blame the whole world when something nasty happened on me
For them, they might just can earn for living, live their life in a very simple manner
Get married, have a family, few kids, grow old, sick, retire.. just that
I might not have a rich family to enjoy luxury life
I might not be able to earn that much of money in my life
But compared to them, I have a better living environment
Better don complain much from now onwards :P

Well Well, sometimes human beings tend to forget their roots
Especially when they achieve something & start to be ego
Only when U meet disasters in Ur life
Then only U would realize U have lost someone/something precious in Ur life
Lost something, U might still find something in future
But once U have lost urself, tis impact could be fatal for life
New Hair Style, still Cool? :D

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  1. yar~
    we have to appreciate what we have now~
    and thanks for those guy who support us~
    and also those guy who 'maki' us~
    thanks for your criticize~
    and d**n you~[those guy who 'maki' us]

    cheer up CraSoNie~