Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Long Long Day~

20th June - Eve's Birthday
Eve is a French girl. As wild as always.
Didnt expect I would get to know more French dudes in just a night!
Had so much fun with them & I was nearly drunk.
These Ms. Drag Transsexual Ladies/Men R superb! Big Boobs!! See the french girl who is kissing me? She said she likes me!
I was very happy :p
I couldnt remember when was the last time I smile like tis, very sunshine!! *slap me* I have got a nice round ass!!

21st June - Father's day
Last nite ended up around 2am, rushed home for few hours sleep

Papa's day, a day that U should not skip in ur life!

The plan was kinda out of my expectation

Normally it would be only a dinner, light celebration

Tis year, parents decided to go Pulau Ketam!
In order to get into Pulau Ketam
U gotta take boat, RM15 2 ways for one person All the way approximately 45mins to reach the Crab Island Papa said those ppl staying here r very simple
Simple life? I don think it suits me anymore
Nothing much to hang out in Pulau Ketam
Guess wat?
Its time for Lunch!
My Favourite! La La it is!!! :D
I thought the story would end from here, who knows..

Dinner time! Can I hope my day would end here?
Not Again?!

Movie time!!!
Its been few years didnt go for movie with family
Can sense my parents r kinda excited haha!
Love U two much!

22nd - FRIM trip
Again another day I gotta wake up early in the morning

Its been already 2 weeks I woke up in the morning!!

Elroy was the one who suggested for this trip
This tree has got a way different trunk from the others
Very the Jade texture :p
The view is superb! I love tis pic!
Elroy claimed that he has more sense than me in photo shooting
Guess wat? The shadow is him

Seriously I have no doubt bout his fashion & design sense

But tis pic.. Looks creepy to me *.*

Evon & Elroy, pls make ur words come true!

Fashion Show in tis piece of Jungle! Haha!
I miss my hometown all of a sudden
Planning to go back hometown next month with them! :)
I have been working & working lately
Sometimes I pause & think
I feel like being myself recently
I guess I have got back my own self
No longer someone who has lost his soul & mind
Someone who was wondering around the pond of death
Thanks to my beloved Frens & Family
I do appreciate U all with my heart & soul
I am single for now &
I could be much more happy than before

Its just pure happiness, very simple and yet true to feel.


  1. oh~ ok ~
    slap you~

    so good can enjoy with your family~
    next month i gonna bek hometown also~