Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So Tis is Life

Got to know William & Zra has come to an end
Religion is the source of problem? I am not quite sure
I can barely taste the bitter sweet now
Just be strong Beb, U will never know U actually have the ability to overcome all tis

Its time to go no matter how unwilling U could be
Its not the end of the world yet my Dear Zra
Its sad, unbearable pain in ur heart
Its suffocating but wat to do?
Its just life Beb, don be too depressed
** I'm always here for U if U need me

Edited some pic, any comment?
Yes! It is never easy to do tis posh darling~

See my lower limb muscle!! Its the best I can do lolz
Sitting alone in the dark, I Love myself more when I was a kid

Being a kid, U don have to worry much!
Awesome view from the top of hill, 2nd episode of Walking to the Hill :D

Never failed to enjoy myself whenever I'm with U guyz

Muackz Muackz ^^
I Love Luk Luk~!!!

Too many choices, but I only choose the one I like

Out of my mind? I'll try everything randomly
Yummy Yummy~

I always love this Tofu! Especially come with Spicy Sour sauce!
Meeting new People, I Love Traveling

Flying here & there

Its my Life :)


  1. 真實的記載就是最好看的日記,

  2. i like last picture also~

    and actually where is the 'Emo Story'?

    delete dy?

  3. yea the emo post has been deleted
    u read it before i deleted it?
    how lucky u r! lolz

  4. ya~
    i read it ~
    wanna leave comment~
    but than delete dy~

    leave over here~
    cheer up Crason~

    dun too care bout that~
    future is in ur hand~
    u can find a better one~


  5. thanks darling u r always that sweet :)