Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Things that I Hate!

XXX: Hi.. How R U?
Crason: Hi, I'm good. Wat bout U?
XXX: So So LOR..
Crason: (sweat) Oh ok.
XXX: Eat already?
Crason: Yea, just came back from dinner with my housemate. Wat bout U?
XXX: Already LOR, wat time now already. still havent eat MEH..
Crason: (anger starts the engine) Oh ok.
XXX: U working or studying?
Crason: Working, I'm a steward working for MAS. U?
XXX: Wah! MAH very rich LOR? I work also LAH. Office job LOR.
Crason: ...............................................^%&$^&$%^%$

** Its enough!! **

XXX: When R U free to meet?
Crason: I'm not so sure, recently my roster is kinda pack.
XXX: Want to have dinner together?
Crason: I would love to but too bad darling, I gotta wake up at 4.15am 2molo. Early flight.
XXX: :(
Crason: ...................................... &%&%*^&(&(*^&*%^$%#

** I cant take it anymore!! **

Crason: I'm sorry to say this but can U pls try not to use LI LI LAH LAH LOR LOR?
XXX: Why?
Crason: I find it sounds rude when U end Ur every sentence with especially LOR
XXX: 這是你認爲罷了
XXX: ..... (無言)

XXX: 做麽你要咄咄逼人 ?
XXX: 我工作已經很壓力了
Crason: ....................................&*^*%*&(^%*(&()&)

** Pukimak Pantat Kau!! **

Well & doubtlessly YES I hate ppl using LI LI LAR LAR LOR LOR MAH MAH MEH MEH JOR JOR all this kind of words when come to chatting via internet. Excuse me, look at the way I chat with U, am I using them to express myself?! I'm trying to be decent all the way & U just screw it up like no body business. And pls.. wat is HAIHZ SAD SOB SOB :( all this kind of useless expression? U think I am so god damn free isit?! I don even have much time for myself. When I have day off, I need time for my family, frens & for sure MYSELF too! It is relaxing just to lie on the bed, doing facial mask, manicure & even masturbathe. Now U tell me, who is being demanding & unreasonable? When I have day off, I MUST see u isit?! Who do U think U R?! This is a huge sweat "
我工作已經很壓力了" Excusez Moi~! U r being stressed up of Ur work, U could be tired or exhausted or anything I could understand BUT the thing is.. MUST U reali use LI LI LAR LAR LOR LOR MAH MAH MEH MEH JOR JOR!?!! It is a MUST isit?! Nonsense, FUCK OFF seriously..!

Went out with a guyz last nite. He drove me to a 24hrs mini market to get Beers. Well since he drove & parked illegally, I quickly went to the shop & grabbed wat I want. We chatted, shared experiences, flirted & romanced. I found it weird. PUKIMAK KAU! He has only 2 sticks of cig with him. Wanna taste my cig? Oh yes please, help urself. In the end, didnt even offer to pay me back the money for the Beers?! Oh ok.. LANJIAO! How old R U now? 27yo?! Who is the guest and who is the mother fucker host?! I was not stupid at all, I purposely asked him whether he could get me another bottle of Beer. He replied "Oops, I have only RM7 in my wallet" Great Job! Wat a shame to be someone like U asshole!

Hello~ If U reali wanted to date someone. Would U act like tis? Mayb a cheapskate shit like U would, but can U improve? I will not tolerate AT ALL. I might still act nice in front of U bcuz I believe in Killing someone with Kindness is rather better than to confront tat pukimak. I don mind paying just for that 1 time to make things more transparent. Well most of the guyz r not gentleman AT ALL.

*Ring Ring.. Ring Ring..* Oops, another date 2molo. Lets see it goes. Mayb he could be another sucker. Who knows? :p
** Cheers :D **


  1. Crason~
    Calm down~~
    every thing will be better~
    maybe more beautiful~

  2. wah, so demanding one.... ><, i think 99% of internet user oso use LAH LAH LO LO mar...

  3. not reali darling. well if the situation is reali like wat u mentioned, 99% chat the same style, i would rather not to chat. don u forget, i can choose whatever & whoever i feel comfortable to chat with. U just used "MAR" by the way :p

    If u choose to blame on me, u would never learn how to chat in proper ENGLISH & u r merely a shallow person who loves MANGLISH (Mandarin + English).


  4. Then what is the 'u' letter about. I thought you want to use proper English to chat. And the 'reali', 'i', 'don'.

    I can use proper English alright. Sometimes people choose to use Manglish just for fun and speaking friendly typing.

  5. those r short form. just like how u type sms. i just do not like ppl chat with LI LI LOR LOR LAR LAR all this kinds of expressive words.

    its my preference. U may leave ur comments, if u don like it, u may just quit reading my blog. who cares anyway?

    *Peace (^-^)v*

  6. I see. I never said I don't like anything. I just find that you are an interesting fellow. Don't chase me away...

    I like blog reading.

  7. oh is that so? anyway i was seriously feeling offended by ur 1st comment. u have ur own preference, if someone did something u don like, i am sure u would feel frustrated as well. this is how i feel & i was just trying to blog it out. not particularly saying anyone here anyway. just wish to tell the world wat is my preference.

  8. Not really, I was just teasing you. Lol. Ops, is that an offense?, haha.