Tuesday, July 28, 2009


It was such a relief
I had all my 3 SNYs done
Met some friendly Wide Body Crews
They R superb
I feel like flying with Airbus more
Hope to get fantastic Airbus route soon^^
She has been flying for 13 years
She is still looking hot!!
Hot chick Wide Body Crew
I Like~!!

Back to Academy to submit the SNY form
Time to celebrate Eric & Syaz BIG DAY!!
Happy Birthday to U two :)

Alright, the coming is kinda Last Minute Plan
I was thinking not to go
I did not have enough rest though
Been busy like crazy this 3 weeks
Thinking bout this 01/08 batch.. My batch..
Fine fine, here I come!!
Gonna drive all the way~
1st thing 1st.. Petrol Full Tank!
It is only 1 nite U know..
So many bags!!Man Power!
Although not all here R truly a man.. haahha!!Girls Power
Ur legs pls... Very The OVER ok!While we R having fun taking pic around
I spotted this guyz
Super EMO sitting alone at a side
Come on darling, I am EMO tooU R not alone~
Haha!!!Pls do not feed me with...
Monkey Dick ok?
I wan something else.. :pHaha!!! Dzul!!!
Y R U carrying a woman's bag?
Pecah Lobang haahhaThis is the 01/08 advertisement
Very Klaaaaasssssss~

Guess what? We have been waiting for more than 3 hours
Just to get our fucking room
It is Monday okie?!
Weekend could be even worstCan I have my room any soon?
Isssh.. Tension giler
Smoke 1st :P
Black Gang Mafia
Govin is going to Beach (Pant colour)
Terrence is an Alien (Shirt colour)
& I am a weirdo, but a cute one :P (Pant colour)

This is the moment that I've been waiting for
How could we not to drink?!
We've got all ready
Barcadi Rum, Drumbruie, Cognac, Margarita
& White Wine (in mineral water bottle) <-- U know the reason why :P
One glass by one glass
Everyone seems to be so fucking drunkIn the end, everyone turns out to be Mayat
Haha! Reali laugh my ass off
I have more pic actually
Too bad I cant upload it
Dosa yang tidak terampun seriously hahaahah!!
Obscene Obscene :D

Next day, the last day
Thought to have breakfast in the hotel
Too drunk to get off from bedThis is the Obscene Scene last nite
Haha! What a mess!Now U know where have we been
It is Genting HighlandReali a big group of Drama Prince & PrincessEveryone is having great fun Drama-ing
Except few of them
Come on!!Hahahhahaha!!! Laugh till I die
Sala Daeng~End of Our 1st trip
Batch 01/08 Forever :)

I went back earlier than anyone
I was not feeling well
& I seriously need more rest ok!!
Some might laugh at us
Y cabin crew would visit Genting but not overseas
Let me tell U this
Where to go about is not what matters
It is the people that going with U matters the most
Without them, I wont laugh my ass off
I spent a great time with U guyz seriously
Love U all!
Gotta go~
Flight none-stop after this