Thursday, July 16, 2009

Eternal Friendship

Eternal Sadness seems similar to my title today
Only those from 三人行 know what it means LOLxx

Love U guyz very very much!!!

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  1. Hey dear,

    Juat read your blog. Thank you so much for making such lovely video. It's so sweet and heart-warming :)We three have really come through a long way. I still remember we weren't as close as what we are now, especially you and I, we just couldnt seem to get along well haha.. But thank god, thank him for everything we are having now, and i truly treasure every single bit of it.

    I believe that distance wouldnt set our hearts apart, as long as we hold on each other strong enough:) The first time i see you is at my age of seven, and i hope that i will still be seeing you and spending time together at my age of seventy, or till the moment i close my eyes eternally. Perhaps last life, we three were truly siblings, or maybe you have murdered elroy and I or some sort of things, thats why this life we gotta deal with each other again lol.. But if this is the story, i allow you to murder me again this life, cuz i will still wanna be your best friend, or what i prefer to call, soul mate :)

    Though you are always the most emo one among we three, but i always think that you are the strongest one. So just keep up what you are doing, you will excel in your life for sure. You are talented, witty and smart. You have qualities that i wish i would have, you are a gem, so don't ever have doubt in yourself. And just be yourself, though there are always having people who dislike you, but i believe that if they really get to know you better, they will love you for sure :)

    Last but not least, I won't allow any stupid or non stupid excuses to make our friendship fade away. Yes, I do not allow it. get me?:P

    Love you guys always. You two are irreplaceable in my heart, forever and ever.