Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Foods Paradise?

Thailand is well known of its Foods as well
I tried my best to search for all kinds of Street Food
I was attracted by this
It looked like Lizard meat from far
BBQ Lizard Meat Stick?
Its Pork & Beef actually
Something New, although it looked similar to our SatayHooooi~ Uncle U wan to pose also?!
The way I ate it was like I was eating a Raw Lizard
Disgusting Look :PFried Chicken, Pork pieces R everywhere!
At 1st I got so excited
It was super oily & fattening for sure
I then found every corner in BKK having this kind of stall
Sick of its smell =.="This could be similar to our Mamak Stall
It does not come with Roti Canai for sure hehe
I don read Thai pls..!!This is thier Curry Mee
Easily can find tis everywhere
I don get it.. U put raw Vege & Tauke into ur curry mee?
Those Vege, Tauke, Eggs etc were pre-set on the table
I have a question.. R those condiments still Fresh!?
......... =.="In such a Hot Burning Hell BKK
Cold drinks seem to be a must
Can U see tis girl picking her Full Golden Nose Hole?
Pls.. Did U add it to my drinks =.="They BBQ potato? Nice^^
BBQ Banana as well? =.="This is for sure Chinese Style
It tastes damn good! A bit too sweet maybDidnt get a chance to taste this Coconut Stick
I bet it does taste good
Bihun? Siam Bihun? Pls la.. Malaysia ada jugakI Love Hot Dog, even a short one (obscene) haha :D
Thier Hot Dog is a bit crazy
It has ginger inside of it and the meat is not firm at allThis is the Yao Zha Gwei
Oil Fried Ghost
It looks cute :PWat is this? Decoration? No NoIt is the Fried Potato Stick!!
I Like~!!Among us, Elroy's Brownie Rice tasted sucks lolzEven the sauce can be so colourful
The Pink Colour thingy is actually Sugar + Cili Padi flakes
Spicy giler babi!!Am I in Malaysia? +.+"I Love Tempura but I guess tis is not a Tempura though
I never love Egg
Moreover seeing so much of it.. =o=" VomitingThis is how they come out with their Ice Cream
Look so advance & yet very the Kampung style of Ice CreamWhen can I see Malaysia's KFC McD selling Pork Burger?Thai words look weird.. but the taste is the same lolzFinally Tempura!!
Coconut is a must TryWhere is tis?
It is Take A Nap Inn Canteen lolz
We were provided Free Breakfast for 3 personAnything more except Hot Dog & Eggs?!!?!
So the above would be my research on Thai Foods lolz
Nothing reali special right?
Wait.. Don go 1st.. check the below picsGolden Fried Grasshopper!!
Crispy Maggot?
OMFG!! Chewable Cockroach!!!!!!!!!!!!I bought this finally
Can U see its Tiny Legs?
As well as the Black Dot.. Its fucking small Brain?
Elroy was the one who suggested to try this
I am uploading the Video Clip soon
& still.. I feel like vomiting cuz I still remember the stink smell..
Evon - The Sexy AlwaysHoooooi~ Elroy - the Mr. Hygience!
Sanitized all the way from BKK to KUL
Y didnt cover ur Mask?!

Me with my Blackie PSP
Anyone notices it? We were in the same T-Shirt^^

** To b Continued ***

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  1. aiyer~
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