Sunday, July 12, 2009

Graduation ZIP IT~

Today is a big day for my darling Elroy
Graduated from The One Academy, TOA
Location: Sheraton Hotel, Subang

How can Evon & I not to attend this important event!Graduate-Wannabe 1stGraduate-Wannabe 2nd lolz
My grandparents wanted so much to see me wearing tis "Square Cap"
Yea it is truly a pride to wear tisDinner time!
Elroy's whole family was there as well
The menu wasnt reali attractive though
The best part is TOA charge us RM100 per person =.="

Do U guyz ever come across tis?
Ur mama prepared a hot bowl of soup, perhaps is Ur favourite soup
Half way tasting it, U found this!!!Haluuuuuu~ Hair!!!!!!!
This is Evon, with her sexy sun-tanned skin
& of the course --- LONG HAIR that would drop 1 or 2 somehow lolx
Oops.. she is gonna kill me :P

I think I look like a Waiter more now lolz

I was once imagining myself going for University like others
Perhaps with scholarship and stuff myself with all the books
Enjoying my life nothing except being a book worm & co-curriculum activities
Spending at least 3 - 5 years for a stunning degree or perhaps master
Just to get that piece of paper, so called qualification for my life
To get a better job opportunity, to get recognised as Uni-Graduate
How nice? I often ask myself tis
Well, in the end I chose to be someone carrying a Double-Diploma
Not even wore a "Square Cap" during Graduation
Stepped into tis society & get myself into a more realistic life
I fell so hard & I climbed up so hard..
Tis process happens again & again
Its just life, True?
I believe whatever that I've encountered tells a good story
Including bad things & good things
It is definitely a mixture of Master Piece ^^

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