Saturday, July 18, 2009


Stressed up for already 2 weeks
Next monday I'll be facing 4 exams in a day!

Tat's crazy!!!!

Safety Equipments Location
-If u don memorize it, how can U score? Passing Mark: 100%

Aircraft Specific A330-300

-Only 20 questions! U can only make 2 mistakes!! Passing Mark: 90%

Dry Drill

-Evacuation command!! My throat is gonna burst again!

Wet Drill

-Super tiring but most likely the best part! Get to swim again!!


-Hair Cut

-Boast up Cocktail knowledge

-Maintain fake smile, etc..

Oh man, My SNY is crazy
Acting as a supernumerary crew going to Madras?!?!

Depart at nite, turn around flight, touchdown KUL in the morning!

My Fucking god!!!
U know wat? I'm gonna be good tis weekend

Stuff myself with revisions,
I am gonna pass tis exam!!!


  1. Must not been easy being a stewardess in MAS right?

  2. its just part & parcel of learning lolx
    believe me i can do it :p

  3. good luck then. i think you did well in your 'maintaining a fake smile' with the crescent eyes smile...