Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm certified!

Been busy for 2 weeks
Was reali breathless
Doing 9 to 5 office hours
Feeling even more tired!!
I could sleep for 2 hours & go for a 10 hours flight
But not everyday 9 to 5
I hate traffic jam!!!

Finally.. I "graduated" from Airbus 330-300
Some of U might have no idea bout being a Cabin Crew
It is not entirely bout Service on board
It is duly bout Safety to be exact
Dreaming to be one? Learn First Aid!
Be a little Nurse :PAdminister Oxygen to someone unconscious
Performing CPR on victims
It sounds easy than to do it
Trust me, it is no Joke to save a life!My new born Uni-sex baby lolz
My another Step Mother
The Head of Nurse :D
Mdm. MariaShe told us.. A junior of mine
Saw a hand appeared from nowhere
But hanging on one of a "Baby" 's shoulder...

After First Aid
Time to see how could U handle emergency situation
Shout to order Evacuation
My throat.. GONE!!These R all smelly protective outfit
To jump slide, I gotta wear it
Kinky scene?
Pretty workshop hot chick with cute boy lolz!!Don get us wrong!!
We R not here to repair the aircraft or whatsoever
Though we look like Engineering
Mayb to repair Car for U? lolxI love to jump slide!
Too bad I don have any jumping slide pic for U guyz
Hope U could feel the excitement that I have!

Haluuuuuuuuuu~ My favourite thing to do!
Swim Swim Swim!!!!
Imagine U r in a wavy big ocean
Swim with life jacket to save life?
Destiny of Cabin Crew :pBefore get wet
Make-up maintain :pAfter super duper wet
Make-up gone!!!
Holy shit!!!Don blame all of us look like patient
Tis is the consequence after vanish of make-up
Real pale! It is tough to move a slide raft

It was happy to have all of them graduated together
It is the real ending for this time
We shall never get together like this anymore
Next time, we would be scheduled for recurrent
Along with the other seniors
20 people as well
But it would be a mixture of others
I don feel sad this time
Proud indeed
Now we R all Sirim Approval Guaranteed CHOP
Duo Fleet crew in MAS!
Fly Baby~ Further it is, Better it is!

I would start my SNY
As a supernumerary crew to Manila, Madras & Kuching
Flying with all seniors that might have
10 years & above experience
...... I am nervous!
Pls people out there who care for me
Wish me luck! :)