Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Insignificant and yet a Fun Day

I did Bangkok flight tis morning
1st time doing this flight, was feeling kinda excited though
Reason being? I am going there with my 2 Dearie soon for holidays!
Passenger load was kinda full
Set of crew was okie except for one
Kinda nasty & sarcastic -_-"'
Who cares anyway, MAS pays me salary but not U
Wayne said, the only excitement going to BKK flight is..
To see the catering Abang! Very handsome haha!
Well well, I hope he does look good :p

Came back from BKK, had a chat with Wayne
Blackie PSP accompanied for a while as usual
Then I slept like no body business till I received Cindy's msg
Oh Yea! I almost forgot I got a date with Frenchies

Met up at Pavilion, thought to have McD
Does anyone ever notice that McD does not exist in Pavilion?!
Had dinner at Food Court instead
Alright, Time to promote Foods!Thai Fried Rice with Fried Chicken RM 8.30
Biggest Disappointment
Rice is not fried on the spot! It is so Fucking Cold

Fried Chicken? Y it is not crispy at all?
Damn it!This is Cindy's meal. It does look delicious!
There U go!
Helena Julie Marie Remi Cindy Ronand
My French Buddies
Y do I look so small in size?!
I cant believe that I am actually the eldest among all!
Cindy asked "Y every pic shows my boobs?"
U know wat Cindy? Bcuz ur Boobs R so BIG! ^^
Oops.. I think she is gonna kill me if she sees tis! haha

Oh yea, almost forgot! This is the Thai Guy!
U rate, how much he could score for his outlook :p

Love U guyz much!
Nite nite^^
2molo Phuket rushing flight again!!!
Sweet dream everyone :D


  1. hehe~
    Pavllion do have KFC~~
    just at the end of food court~
    beside Carl Jr.~~

    and have a happy flight at Phuket ya~

    got a suggestion~
    did u wish to post up your roster every moonth~
    quick interest~


  2. serious? i think i gotta check thoroughly again hahaha
    i don always go to Pavilion though hehee

    r u MAS crew as well? I did last time but now no more uploading my roster.

  3. hehe~
    i hope can be the part of MAS~
    last time do go interview AK~

    but failed dy~
    next time will interview again~
    be cabin crew was my big dream~

    AK supporter here~
    you upload your roster will more interest one~
    trust me~
    many FA wannabe oso will searching bout tis~


  4. waaah.. looks like somebody is getting more and more into blogging eh.. with pictures and all! LOL