Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lame Ending BKK Trip

Let me say some emo things here
**Love starts with a Smile
Grows with a Kiss
& Ends with Tears
What can U do when the only person who can make U stop crying;
Is the one who makes U cry?
Dont ever cry over anyone who wont cry for U
Dont let the passed hold U back
Dont frown
You'll never know someone would fall in love with Ur smile :P **

** OKOK.. Enough! **

There U go! Our lame ending movie while waiting for Airport Cab
When there is a start, there would be an end

......... Excuse me! Enough of ur EMO!!! lolz

Here is the end of our BKK trip
Blame Elroy for his lousy video shoot pls..!!! :D

Happy Ending :)

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