Monday, July 20, 2009

Note from V

** I could never imagine
Someone would write this to me
Dear V,
I am here to realize Ur little wish
As U wish,
Now everyone can see this **

To my lovely Dear ,
Thanks for the post on your blog recently..
I am touched of what you wrote about me
Certainly I truly appreciate it.
Ok, Im not much of a writer myself
But I will try to express myself here..
Few months ago back then
When I notice you @ the academy
That there's something different about you
something that I really like & fond about
Since then, I keep an eye on you
Hoping to catch your attention someday
& yes it did !
We met online & we get to know each other
better then
I believe this all where it started.
But sometime I feel guilty,
Guilty of not coming forward to you soon
& say I wanna B with you
Becuz of this...
u fall into the wrong hands of someone
who doesnt appreciate you
& what you done is nothing wrong but
giving your love to him
He betray & abuse your love
which in the end he left you...
I was thinking what kind of an animal is he ?
One that doesnt appreciate u
He's a jerk & a loser to me & useless to !
Well say no more...
Im here for you now
Let me take your sadness away
Let me wipe your tears away
I know sometimes in life is gonna rain
But guess what ?
It is over now & I will be your sunshine
That will bring the beautiful smile on your face
I know this is all kinda too fast for you
But all I'm asking for is a chance to be with you
I will be waiting , & waiting...
& keep waiting
cuz in the end,
I will be the last man standing here for you
& This I promise you!
I know that rite now your life is busy
Busy with your work
But I hope you are not stressed
& caught up with all of this.
Be strong my dear !
I always hope for the best
for you & I pray that U will succeed in life.
I will be here to support U in every way
through thick & thin
I'll be there .
Im a big fan on your blog
Cuz through your blog Im able to find out
of who you are truly
& like it baby !
Remember this my dear :
Every sadness will have its happy ending
Every dark cloud theres a silver lining
Every smile on your face will put others to smile with you
& this should tell's you that U are not alone
because there will be someone to standby you !
Okay, I guess this is all I can write to you for now
Sorry to take up most of your space..he..he..",
From your admirer & your number ONE fan blog,

Need not to ask how do I feel
Simple as that - I am fucking touched!
Especially when U mentioned
U have been noticing me since training
Thanks V..
For everything :)

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  1. Excuse me Mr V. i m roy.VonVon and 1 would like to have a dinner wif u? biar~! hahaha...u 2 felling love story so biar... take good care of my dear k...hehe