Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Promise - BKK Trip

Back then, we have discussed bout it since long long time ago
If I am not mistaken, it was like year 2005
Gosh.. its been 4 years long!
Finally, we made it! Our 1st Overseas Traveling Trip
Proudly present The Land of Smile - Thailand
Bangkok Trip it is!

2nd of July
The nite b4 the trip
In my room @ Kepong
Done discussion for the trip, very last minute schedule indeed
Conclusion? Get maps & information from Hotel Counter will do haha!
& I wonder how could they slept with Light On
I was still playing my Blackie PSP while they snored like no body business :P

3rd of July
Today is the Day!
We took KTM to KL Central, followed by AeroBus to LCCT
LCCT? LOW Cost Carrier Terminal lolz :D
Elroy was so sweet but I guess his lover was much more sweeter
They bought us Mask to prevent H1N1
Not just Mask, we received Sanitizer too!
Very Over =.="
Here we R! Take A Nap Inn
Snapped when we were still feeling Fresh
Sorry Guyz!! No matter how I tried editing it
We still looked that sweaty
Thailand is very very HOT!!!
Went shopping around BKK
& Got tanned or should I say Sun Burn?
We were inside SkyTrain BTS
Not much different from our LRT though
"Next Station Sala Daeng"

Refreshed ourselves & ready for another shopping session!
Time for Bed
Long day to go 2molo!

4th of July
Never ending getting Sun Burned!!
Okay.. Again Pic Pic b4 we started our day
This is Subway Train
Still not sweaty yet lolz :p
I cant feel I was in Thailand!!
It looks the same as if U R in Malaysia!!
Thailand culture is very unique
I Love its temple so so much!
Took a tour all the way to Wat Aru Temple
Passed thru so called Floating Market
Lots of Temple, Mosques in Malaysia R not as colourful as theirs!
McD seems expensive compared to Malaysia
Best part was they have Pork Burger!!
Burger Babi is something fresh but it doesnt taste real good

5th of July
End of this super short Trip
Okay.. Enough already or not?
Pic Pic again every time b4 U guyz go out?
I know U r asking tis question
Oops.. Sorry~ We enjoyed it pretty much lolz :pGoodbye Sala Daeng Take A Nap Inn
Went for Thai Traditional Foot Massage
It was fun!Our Mission accomplished!
Same T-Shirt
Same Mask
Same Sun Burned Skin
Same Pocket burned a Big Hole too! :D

*** To b Continued ***

For Ur info, I have nearly 500 Pics
Trying still to edit & will post them soon
Pls bear with me, I am currently busy for my A330-300 Training

Sincere Words for U two my Dearies
This post is exclusively for 2 of U
I edited all our 3 person Pics at 1st
I wan to make this memorable trip sticks in ur minds
Pls don forget bout anyone of Us..
Elroy, U'll b leaving soon to Birmingham for further studies
Evon, U might b leaving to Shanghai for works
Erhm.. Remember in the flight while coming back to KUL?
I was thinking bout Us with my eyes closed
I wonder Y we have to face all this distance soon
I will always remember our Beer Beer session
Buddy Buddy Heart to Heart talk session
Sharing Problems, Giving Suggestions, Helping each other
Unconditional.. Simple Friendship that we share each & every time
Pls forgive me if I ever offended U Guyz without realizing
U know how much I appreciate U Guyz.. U two mean alot to me
Pls.. No matter how, try to keep in touch & stay connected
I don wan to lose 2 of U..
Without anyone of us.. This 三人行 group means nothing to me..
I Love U My Darling Sweet Heart Baby
How I wish I could hug U two now.. How I wish..

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