Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tie me tight, my Tie

Tis is wat I am currently doing
Airbus Conversion in MAA (Malaysia Airlines Academy)
Done with Cabin Familiarization
Continued with Service Procedures
Got a chance to be passenger tasting high class Aircraft Meal

Feeling never better! She is Puan Nazimah, my Mak Tiri (Step Mother) lolx
I remember she was kinda strict towards me back then
Now she is totally like a mama of mine
Like her lots!Proudly present Kalsum, Colleen & Syazman
Compared to me, they do look more like a Cabin Crew
I still don think I have the Flight Steward LookMegat, Dzul + Aira (Lovely Couple), Eenaz
We used to go clubbing during basic training
Nowadays, all of us R flying most of the time
Seldom meet up but the Brother Sister feeling is still thereEenaz, a crazy stewardess with her "Wok" hair style
Love chatting Sex Story with her
Wat a Fun!Sabrina! A lovely mama-liked stewardess
Gonna fly with her again soon after the whole airbus training
Cant wait for it :PShe is the most pretty stewardess among all
Zra, her glamour name :)
A heart broken pretty girl, just broke up not long
Don cha worry, I am single too!! Hehe^^Halu~ Big group of us
Maintain 20 of us still, I am so glad to see all of them
Aircraft meal^^ Have U tasted it before?
The meal might be ordinary but not MH (Malaysia Hospitality)
Wanna have Sunshine Boyz & Girls serving U on board?
Especially serving with our Big Smile :D
Try MAS Malaysia Airlines!


Alright now I gotta draw out a bit of my inner feeling
I wanna thank someone with his name V
Thanks for standing by me, helping me get over my emo
The best part is U have been noticing me since training school
We only get the chance to talk after so many months
& U seem to so sincere still wanted to be with me
I cant deny it, I am feeling touched

Yea right, I am not a Trash
I remember there was once I broke down & cried like a bitch
Was in my room with my Cigs, with tears all over my face
Trying so hard to ask my mama Y would someone treated me tat way
It was such a shame to see my mama whipping her tears on her face
She asked "Y cant U just let go? There aint only 1 tree in a big jungle"
Mama, I am sorry.. I was stupid.. I promise I'll be stronger
Mama, the love I gave was not wrong
The only wrong thing I did was to give my love to a wrong person
Its all over now, I am alive again^-^

& guess wat? V, U make me feel I am such a Valuable person
I could be a tiny crystal but definitely not a fake shinning stone
( KIKC? lolx )
Thank U with my heart & soul
Let the time does its course, fate would tell
Mayb not so soon but certainly there would be a day
I am gonna smile this like as if nothing bad has happened
Cheerful always, like I always do c",)

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  1. I don't know about business class food but economy class for domestic flight really sucks man. The food is served cold. Not tasty at all.