Wednesday, August 5, 2009

5 Days Trip KCH BKI

For the past 5 days
I've been to so many places
Kuching KCH, Kota Kinabalu BKI, Hong Kong HKG, Bintulu BTU,
Singapore SIN, Johor Bharu JHB, Miri MYY, Sibu SBW
I got only 1 day free for me to go around
This would be my 2nd time visiting KCH
I was surprised to see some events going on there

Kuching KCH
They even name this place a Cat City
Seriously, I didnt reali see any Miao Miao =.="

This was the event
I wonder what do they call, Pretty fun
Definitely require lots of team work
This mosque is so fucking grand
This is its day time look
U may see its nite time look after this
Is this a Dragon or Crocodile?
Even in KCH the capital city of Sarawak
They do travel by boats
I tried it, the fare is only... 50 Cents =.="Lousy pic another one
This cruise ship is so cool~Imagine if U were to have ur fine dining here
Champagne with Lamb steak
with ur Love one :)
How I wish!!
Just right beside tis boat harbour
U may see this..
I reali wonder how could they put up some stalls
& selling all kinds of stuff

I asked help from the security guard here
to take a pic of mine
come on la.. isssssssh
the coolest part is he took a big piece of floor scene
but not the grand tower =.="
KCH must be an old city
U would see so this kind of trees very often
Huge trunk of tree!
& again..
I asked help from a kakak around here to take me a pic
Haluuuuu~ the tallest grand tome is only be seen half of it
.......... =.="
I reali wonder wat culture is tis
to put such a scary voodoo in ur living room?
Its like a mixture of Chinese Paper doll & their culture voodoo
Wait.. Upper part seems to be a Male
But wearing a dress? erhm.. =.="

I always love chinese temple (I'm a chinese anyway :P)

This is the nite look of it
Yup, it does look great but..
How much the owner gotta pay for the electricity bill?

Quiet city.. Dead city.. U name it
U would not be able to see much people lepak around after 7pm
Since all restaurants closed so early
We walked all the way to tis mamak
Just to try the famous Laksa SarawakWhat is so special of it?
Somemore.. so so expensive!

mine is even worst..
Tasteless Koay Teow Mee goreng... :(

The next day I was in KK
Wayne was there too
In KK, this is a must try
Cheap & tasty!I love this chicken wings so so so so much!
From the gravy U can even see some garlic
At 1st I thought Wayne hates garlic smell
In the end.. he licked the whole plate.. haha!My set crew :)
Faith & Agnes
I set my camera to timer mode & took it

Some blurry pic :p

Alright, lets have a post morterm
Seriously I didnt enjoy much this trip
Everyone is so fucking 2 faces (including me :p)
I hate those ppl see only the things they wanted to see
Say only the things they wanted to say
& U claim urself is Professional?
To me.. U r just a piece of shit
God gave U a thick lips mouth & all U do is just to say bad things bout ppl
I am so fucking fed up with U mother fucker ass hole!
But I do learn something especially how to cover up ur ass, save ur butt before getting kicked

Isssh.. Don wanna bother much
Yang penting~ I am going to Kuantan KUA Teluk Cempedak Beach with my 2 Dearies
Cant wait for it! :)
Dimension Portal?
Transfer me to Happy Land pls~


  1. hi crason.nice post bout kch.i'm from kch.but u must have someone to bring u then only u'll feel fun.honestly,kch is damn quiet at night.dead city.

  2. hahaa.. u must bring me around next time ok?