Friday, August 7, 2009

Beach & Bitaaaach Kuantan Trip

This would be 3rd time visiting Teluk Cempedak Beach in Kuantan
This trip is kinda last minute
Thanks Evon my love postponing one of her business meetings :)
1st thing to do is to search on Google Map
Its been 3 years plus since my last visit
According to the map, we gotta drive like 3 hours plus
Lets see how reliable of this Google Map! :)
We moved our ass early in the morning around 5.30am
I was feeling excited though
3 of us were like none stop gossiping & telling stories
Time passed like a sip of wine, Quick & Smooth
Stopped by one of the rest stations to pay a visit to its Toilets :p
OMG.. So fast we reached Kuantan
& I cant believe that I was the one driving all the way from KL
If I am not mistaken, it took us around almost 3 hours to reach
Few more miles to reach Teluk Cempedak Baby~
Guess wat? I drove in a wrong junction
Accidentally saw this awesome house
It might look ordinary in this pic
But it does look far more better compared to others house in KuantanAlong the way, Evon & Elroy keeps emphasizing in McD Breakfast
Haha.. Since U 2 R my baby
There U go~ McD Breakfast :)

Purchase any McD Value Set & U will get this!
Colgate Plax Multi-Protection Peppermin Mouthwash
Wat is the connection with the meal?
..................... =.="

Alright, no more crappy stuff
Here we R!
Teluk Cempedak, Kuantan
Bright Day, Brilliant Buddies!

Thanks Elroy for putting on the Camp for us to rest ^^
How sweet is he :P
(Elroy.. U know wat I mean.. hahhaa!)

Evon.. Ur posing.. Superb Over ok! hahaha
A dead body
This is our Group NameYes!! Its time to get things started!

The water colour seems not reali good huh?
Its my camera problem
It does look crystal clear!!
I was injured by some hard rocks
I guess the wound would be recovered very soon
As I throw myself to salted sea water
Ranger Ranger
I am like a Military Army guyz
Even the wave is not reali strong
But it is still a fun to be hit

How could we not to drink in such a hot beach?

How could I not to smoke & take a pic?
Haha.. This is my signature pic :P
I cant take it anymore exposing myself under the Sun
I am such a Snow White pls don darken my skin!
This Tattoo is a Permenant Tattoo
Not that kind of Temporary
Yea.. I do have a lot of ppl telling that this isnt match with me
Who cares anyway.. It is a cupid, it brings Luck ok!^^Elroy was burried with all these mud
& Wat am I doing with him?!
There is a short movie clip bout tis
I am kinda short of time, gonna upload it soon k?We spent around like total 6 hours plus on this beach
Total ignorance to any phone call or sms
Plainly enjoying our day~
But it is Enough of getting tanned
Get changed & took some pic aroundEnd of our day
End of this trip
But Memories stay

Driving all the way back
Pretty exhausted
Thanks to my 2 fairies
Keep talking to me, get the conversation flows
While having dinner.. I told them
It is not easy to find friends that U could spend the whole day
With none stop topic & fun
I reali appreciate our friendship
U guyz R just superb ^^
I Love U two :D
Heading to New Delhi 2nite
Gosh.. Tis is my 1st solo in Airbus flight
Pls pls pls.. I will study ok? Don taruh me!
Hopefully I could get to Taj Mahal~
New Delhi, I am coming!
Enjoy my everyday to the max!

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