Monday, August 10, 2009

Bollywood: New Delhi

Got a chance to witness India Culture with my very own eyes
Flying with Airbus, was seriously freaking me out
& just like what I expected
I cant perform my job well in this aircraft
I am too new for it
But these depression has not stopped me from going out from the hotel
To see New Delhi & experience its culture :)

MAS crews stay in this hotel
Sheraton New DelhiI'm so glad that I am flying with my BatchBoy
Dzul is his glamour nameGot some information on where to go about
Was trying to get a Tuk Tuk
In the end, we chose to take a cab
Cab in Delhi is reali something^^
U wan Aircond inside the cab?
U can never imagine
In Malaysia, highest temperature to go is around 35 degree Celsius
In Delhi, it was about 38 degree Celsius
but the weather could be so fucking hot & stuffy
Hard to breathe! Very dusty airCan U imagine?
U can even see some of them carrying books around
Trying to sell one or two books
U don have MPH? Popular?
U may even see Kids playing on the street
It is so dangerous
& where R their parents?!
This is Tuk Tuk
A funny name it has :P
It is similar to Tuk Tuk in ThailandIt is so colourful
& this transport is not only for Tourists
Even local residents take this tooEven the font is special
Its asking U not to bang its colourful ass :P
Ur T is very over ok?
Believe me, it is super hot!
U can see it from my face!
Sweaty...!!!I was talking to Dzul
What if there is a Rubbish Lorry in front of this Tuk Tuk?
Definitely we will die
*Silly talk*& can U pls drive more carefully?
All drivers in Delhi R so crazy dangerous!
As if they R possessed with Fast & Furious spirit
Horn none-stop
Even more reckless than me!& so our dream comes true!
Rubbish Lorry!!!
Awww... The smell... =.="There R many many beggers!
Not adult.. mostly R kids
Pls go away..
Stop knocking the window!Again another one...
Her face is so scary!!!
What is the India government doing?
I reali wonder *.*Finally We reached our destination SAFELY!May I present to U
Laxmi Narayan Birla Mandir TempleThe use of colour is kinda attractive
Inside this temple
They even hand make something..
It is so so artisticTrying to play a joke
Pls don punish me with Ur curse :PPregnant Elephant Lady?
How many months? :DWhat if all these.. walking in ur living room?
Seriously.. I think it is scary to even stare at themVery very old school type of BikeVery old buildings
New Delhi is the capital city in India right?
Erhm.. Is it true?My god.. India is very very hot..
My sweat none stop dripping
Make up seriously hancur!Alright here we R
Sarojini Nagar MarketSeniors said
Delhi is full of cheap fabrics
Dzul is getting some for his beloved Aira & MamaI love this kind of mirrors :)Gosh.. Here in this market
They sell drinks in used glass bottle
They must have picked them up from rubbish bin
Washed it & filled it with drinks!
Not in a million year I would try this drinkThis fella requested to take a pic with me..
Erhm.. Never seen a chinese before huh?
=.="This dress is for the Buddha Doll
It is very cuteTrust me
These R their Snack
I don dare to try either @.@There is only this shop
selling something different from the others
at least it has got its own themeExtra ordinary
Pretty cool~This is even more best!
Flaming red mini cooper in the shop
& it is actually a cashier counter
Good Good!!Shopping done
Time for feed my stomach
Its playing drum already!!Tell me now
Don U think this shopping mall looks a bit like Suria KLCC?Especially the Icon..Bcuz of everywhere seems to be so dirty
We have no choice but to have our meal in a mall
Indian is reali a Vegetarian country
Everything is bout Vege Vege VegeTo satisfy them?
McVeggie!I try something new
Wrapping Chicken Mexico McValue setDzul tried McNugget set
Nuggets R much more smaller
& the chili sauce is watery..
=.="Tis does look like KFC Twister
& let me tell U..
The taste is not what I expected
Prefer Malaysia Foods still^^Nite time Delhi
Everything seems so dead at nite
The air? Still that hot & damp!Morning time that crowd
has become a silence now
Peaceful a bit thank godKEEP DELHI CLEAN?
U must be kidding me!!!& still U can see all these kind of Buddha thingy
around the wall
They R very religious realiDid god ask them to sleep around the street?So I guess it is true
Some of them could be reali that poor
Even though Delhi is the capital city
U still can see so many of them
sleeping around every where
any where they like
any way they can
any style they wan it to be& that include?Taking bathe in public!Even on the street....
OMFG.. =.="
I spotted this house
Its just in front of the street
where everyone sleeping
Wat an ironic..
The Rich & Poor has a big big gap
Ah Cha with me :PAira, I told cha
I am gonna share room with Dzul& Dzul is so notti
He peeps on me while I was taking bathe :P
ahhahahhahha!!!My spending in DelhiOral Fixation?
Sounds like Shakira's albumR U sure these R not estacy?True True
Himalaya is cheap in Delhi
I just checked the price in Guardian
It is at RM25 each
in Delhi? INR 160
which is RM 12.50 around thatGotta get ready for the flight coming back to KULHey can U pls take the pic properly?Alright, here I give U
Wonderful set
Nice IFS, LS, LSS & crews
Thanks for the guidance

New Delhi is not new ok?
It has so many old buildings around
Construction seems to be everywhere
Dusty, Hot, Damppy, Stuffy air
I even have doubt towardes their Hygience Level
Again I would like to say.. Malaysia is still the best :)
I m going to Delhi again on 12th..
Wont go out this time!
Camwhore Prince

Good day Guyz~


  1. My brother is studying in India~~ I may go on next year... But it looks too bad... dirty=.=

  2. i did watching the documentary abt indian before....i think true they have a big big gap on their level will be very rich and poor will be very poor...and they also have blind marriage that arrange by their family...i hope 1 day i can go experience it myself also....