Monday, August 31, 2009

I thought I would..

For the past few days
I have been receiving soothing msg via internet or blog comments or sms
I am reali touched!
Thanks guyz, thanks so much :)
Didnt know that U guyz would pay such attention towards my little blog :D
& Yes! I am still so strong despite wat had happened previously
It was just a drop of unfavourable colour in a part of my life
It does not matter anyway lolx :P
I thought I would be that sad still..
I thought I would be that disappointed..
I thought I would be that hard to leave..
I thought I would just screw up for the rest of my life!
Who knows.. In actual fact, I feel nothing after drafting out my thoughts
I've done the best tat I could to make this relationship goes as far as it could
No regret for sure :)
I realize it for now..
I was just someone pulling U out from Ur previous unhappy relationship
Like U said.. I gave U the strength to be in love again
Don say tis.. "When I said I Love U, I mean it"
U never truly love me.. I was just a substitute before U met Pinkie again
It is such a strong statement..
When U said U and him will never have an end..
Left me no mercy but to wipe off everything..
How ironic it could be when U thought U r holding a star in ur hand
But it was just a beautiful fantasy & it has never been true
I am glad that I woke myself up with the help from fairies
Especially Elroy, Evon & nevertheless my family :)
Love U all much much much ~ ^^

Its the time to loosen the tight wrapping rope
It has never belong to me anyway
I stop myself from pursuing the big diamond
For it shines on me only once in a blue moon


  1. excuse me!!! PLEASEZZZZZZ!!!!!! knew it u will blog about it. biar jer!! dun waste time on this anymore. U are must must more BETTER compare wif P. Lets enjoy our party tmr....hahaha!!!

  2. Crason~
    enjoy your life~
    you will get the right person~
    let the time bleach and delete those memory~