Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kuwait 7 Days Trip

Remarkable Trip of this year 2009
13th - 19th August Kuwait 7 Days Trip
Initially I was supposed to do DEL flight
Due to some reasons, I was being removed from the flight & become Standby crew
I was thinking to get myself a new hp though
No DEL flight = Allowance gone! I couldnt take it & I cried abit
Who knows?! Lost is not exactly a Loss!
I got this Kuwait flight in return!
Allowance is better than DEL lolx :P
So this is Kuwait flag
Not fascinating enough lolx
Let me tell abit of Kuwait
Kuwait Capity City is Kuwait City (any difference?)
Their ppl R Kuwaiti
Using Kuwait Dinar, 1 Dinar = MYR 13.00
...... I am Broke!
Speaking Arabic language
Basically it is a desert place, for sure super HOT!All Kuwait Vehicles must have this "TradeMark"
KUWAIT tis word must not be omitted
Welcome to Kuwait City
Tall buildings R everywhere
Colourful & styled by its Local CultureDo U reali need that much of Satellite Pan?
Too much la.. How many channels U have?She is one of my Leading in this flight
LSS Shanti
She belanja me breakfast
Puree~ One kind of Indian Foods
Superb Delicious^^This is the Beach at the back of the Hotel we R staying
Walking distance
Notice something special?
It has no cloud!I sweat like no body business
Seriously I am obsessed by its Clean & Clear Blue Sky
Very very much indeed!During my stay in Kuwait
SandStorm could just attack us out of nowhere
Dust is everywhere & it hurts my eyes!Regret tat I did not bring along my shade
Wat to do? Just stuff myself in the hotel roomEveryone asks me
Isnt it a basin? for hand washing?
No No.. It is not!
I am just curious.. Y do U need 2 toilet bowls?Better to utilize it than to waste it
Hehe.. Smoking goes well while U R doing business
Agree? hahha! U may find this in Kuwait
Marlboro GOLD
It looks so Grand, fucking PRO FRESH it says
Btw, it is tasteless =.="
Anyway compared to KL, it is cheaper in Kuwait
KD 0.500 which is 500 Fils = MYR 6.50Time to hang out with my set of crew
Camwhore a bit^^This is the water supply machine
Surprisingly it supplies Cold Water for Free!!
Take a look at it.. kinda disgusting isnt it?
I have no choice!
Even water is expensive in Kuwait =.="It is so dusty.. Isssh!!LSS Shanti, LSS Azma, FSS NurulFSS LindaPeace Peace^^Along the street
U may always find all these Mosques every where
It is a muslim country anyway lolxHere I am in Mubaraki (I don know the exact spelling)
It is like our Chow Kit that kind of street
U may see lots of Indian & other races
Egyptian, Lebanese, Pinoy & so onCan U see that?
They look at me like one kind =.="
Excusez moi.. its my 1st time in Kuwait ok!All the Mr. Jubah walking around
Pak Arab~ Pak Arab~This is the Signature Tower of Kuwait
Kuwait Tower it is :)
U would see more of its pic at the bottomThis view caught my attention
It is another Kuwait Tower
Telecommunication TowerAvenue Shopping Mall
It is most likely Kuwait Midvalley
Grand & Huge!I like the feeling
We R Family~ Everyone sayang me so much :)& Now we R in another shopping mall on this streetSour Sharq
It has got a beautiful view out there!As U can see.. Sunset is coming!Breathtaking I would say
Never failed to stand there watching it for few secondsNot on 2nd thought
All of us went for this boat sailing
It is not reali cheap
2 KD.. which is MYR 26
For the sake of trying, just do it man!It gets so dark all of a sudden
Brilliant View :)I took this pic
Isnt it good?
Nope? Check out the below pic!Look at my background..
+.+" who took it?!
Now U R gonna say I am good in taking pic!The reading is 7:28PM
Cute!!!Even the ceiling looks gorgeous too!Starbucks CoffeeThe Body ShopNo Smoking for only Foreigners
U can see Kuwaiti smoking around but no one stops them!I prefer models wearing casual smart for a proper advertisement
but not Jubah Jubah lolxBASMATI RICE?
If U take this rice, Bus would DIE?
Produced by India? or Product of India?Very NICE? erhm..
Lame brand I would say lolxAlmost everyone in Kuwait looks alike
Sharp feature, Tall, Big build
Strong? In wat sense? lolxThis is an Egyptian
He knows how to speak Bahasa Malaysia
Awesome!Haluuuuu~ Wat R U doing?!
Get off Ur dirty butcher hand!Barbie Doll?
Kuwait Jubah Doll^^Faster faster
Give me back my change!
Kumar, filthy nutritious
Its believed to make a Man strong in somewhere
***** censored :pHe requested to take a pic with me
Feeling weird =.="
Don touch me pls!!Even though at nite
It is still hot
35 degree Celsius.. Kill me pls!Any Malaysian has something to say?
Go to Kuwait Barisan Nasional lolxEmpty Park with no one
Where is everyone?!A pretty complicated designed building
Love it!Like it alot! Look so class!Colours change! Just like our KL Tower :)Kuwait Apartment
The design is so unique
Well, I still don think I would like to own one :pTall buildings R every where
Believe me now?
& Lights R too strong!!Time to check out Kuwait Tower!We walked all the way to Kuwait Tower
Passed by Beach at niteSand is still Hot!
This beach is reali something :)Getting closer!Heart beat gets faster!Real close now!Welcome to Kuwait Tower!
It is not just a normal tower
It has a Restaurant, Hotel & Water Tank in it
Similar to KL Tower?This way This way!!Ready?! Get hooked on!Not quite sure is that 120meters from ground or 120th floor
High enough! U may even feel ears popI'm inside of it now!
Fantastic view!Its like a Golf Ball surface
**Blink Blink**
Am I dreaming?Best thing to do is to look at the whole Kuwait
& smoke! Kuwait from the leftTo the centerTo the right
Tat's it the whole Kuwait
Kinda small isnt it?
Tiny Land but filthy rich!!!!
Size does matter? Not reali :PI am amazed by everything I see with my very own eyesPerfect View!Ahh Forgot to introduce
This is the hotel I was staying
Holiday Inn Downtown KuwaitShanti was having her XXth birthday during this trip
She tried to keep a secret but Hotel Reception sent her a cake
Pecah Lubang lolx hahaLook I have a little Angel Light
Am I the angel of tonight?My God! Her angel light is stronger hahhaa!
Happy Birthday to U Shanti!
Wish ur business goes well!On the day coming back
Never failed still to camwhoreThanks to Holiday Inn Downtown
U know Y would we get such a cake from them?
We R the last group of MAS crew staying in Kuwait!
Thank God so so much!
Those who R interested to go to Kuwait?
Chance will be opened again next year summer season^^It is so OVER! But I like it~
Glamour nye!!!On this Sunset.. We R heading to Kuwait International Airport
I was feeling weird..
Kuwait.. I am gonna miss U so so muchLatif was complaining Y is his face only Half in the previous pic
Ok la Ok la.. I shoot again okie?!
Waaa.. Don even want to face my camera?
Putting on MH smile like so natural?! hahhaha!On the way back
KUL/KWI departs on 18th 1815hrs
Gonna arrive in KUL on 19th 07:45hrs
Total flight time 8hours & 30 mins
It was only 1 business class passenger
& 17 economy passenger
Very easy Job!!Zone D
No one seated thereAfter Service & Movie
Light goes off! Everyone is sleeping
Except me camwhore myself hhhahaa!Dawn is coming!
On the right corner, it is actually the MoonIt looks so beautiful
I find myself staring only the Sun Rise
& feel itchy all of a sudden
Itchy of wat?!
Of the Course! Camwhore all over again! :D

Silent thought
I actually took more than 300++ pics on this trip
I was so fucking excited to go for this "little long haul" flight
Trainer used to say..
Kuwaiti travels out from Kuwait to travel
Hardly to see outsiders travel to Kuwait unless is to look for a job
Yes it is true enough Kuwait Dinar has the most valuable bank note in the world
By all means, to get a chance to travel in Kuwait is wat an honor
& definitely a golden opportunity in Life

I am reali glad that I made it
Wide body in this flight flying over 10 years & it is their 1st time in Kuwait
Me? Just 7 months in this airlines.. I am so lucky^^
Thank you for the chance,
I truly grab the opportunity & experience Kuwait with all I can

Been there, Done that
No Regret :)


  1. wow,such a nice trip in kuwait.
    envy u ..
    nice opportunity for u ..
    but i'm curious ..
    stewardess shouldnt be skinny n slim ma ?
    hw come LSS quite plump ..
    haha,no offence.
    btw,nice trip . =)

  2. Nice blog men :) All day today i looking for Kuwait i thinking to go to work and live there so... i hope everything go allright :)