Saturday, August 29, 2009

Popo, My Grandma

On 24th morning, my Popo admitted to Tong Shin Hospital for her leg surgery
I do not know how to explain it in detail,
The surgery has something to do with her both legs,
Each time she walks, she would feel the pain.
It has been like this for few years & she was kinda stubborn to listen to us back then.
For this surgery, she gotta sell off her farm for only RM 25k,
Balance of the surgery payment comes from my family & my aunt.
My this Popo has a difficult life & she could be so brave & raise all her children by herself.
Wait a min, not exactly all her children.
I have 2 Uncles, 4 Aunts & also my mama.
My grandpa passed away kinda early when I was only 2/3 years old.
Didnt get a chance to reali look at his face.
He wasnt a good father though, he loved gambling until my Popo gotta help him to pay his debts.
My point here is.. I should have another youngest aunt,
She was given away to a far relative.
After his death, Popo lived her life miserably,
Earning money by plantation & my Mama stopped schooling & helped out in family since young.
Poor Popo.. U deserve something better in ur life.
At least U have us to take good care of U.She seems bored since living with us in KL.
I am so sorry Popo.. I don have much time to spend at home.
& I was sick few days back.. Couldnt visit U earlier in hospital.
If I were to give U all the money in the world,
If I were to give U all the best TV channels in the world,
If I were to give U the best OSIM massage device,
If I could.. I would give U the world.
U wouldnt be satisfied, I know.
All U need is just someone to talk to U..
Popo, I will spend more time with U alright.
Hold on there.. & pls get well soon :)

After this she is going for some therapy,
hopefully she will discharge from the hospital soon.
Love U, Popo.


  1. your PoPo will know it~
    be appriciate~
    the time and happiness wif family~

    Pray for PoPo~
    Will get well soon~


  2. Hope your popo will get well soon