Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shanghai Nite City

My 1st foot step into China!
PVG Pudong International Airport, Shanghai
Since young, I always watch Hong Kong drama series bout Shanghai Bund
Happy Happy~ Finally I got a chance to feel Shanghai myself :)

We are placed in this Hotel Equotorial
Far far away from the airport
It took nearly 1 hour 30 mins to reach

The view from my room
Do U notice? The house in Shanghai is not exactly China feel
It looks more like Euro mixed feelGovernment is kinda good huh?
They even have tis in the city
Not just one, most of the bridge has it

China Peace!My 1st time witness tis plant with my very own eyes
Normally we can only watch it in drama or movie
Am I back to 80th? Kung Fu generation!
This is the slogan of Shanghai
They R gonna make Shanghai a better City
& It appears almost everywhere in Shanghai too!
Very determined!

Memorial bout Teacher
They do respect teacher alot huh?
Unlike in Malaysia.. Teachers whack student, students threaten Teacher

With tis kind of bicycle
It shows China feel alot
U can see many many, and YES it is reali alot of Old Folks hanging around in tis Park

Here I am in this Temple
Chinese Temple or shall I say China Temple
It looks so so grand!

To enter, pls pay RMB 20
Okie.. mayb next time lolx

Well, shopping mall in every place in the world seems to the same
Yes rite, it looks grand too

The buildings around here is so not China!

I love tis funny chubby chocolate man
It appears in nowhere & it seems like not associated with anything
Cute Cute :P

This is the museum or mayb we call it exhibition centre
It doesnt look like a chinese place at all

More to Rome feel
Wat do u think?

U see? It doesnt look like I am in China!Back to Hotel I slept for few hours
Yeah man, I did not have enough sleep since before Taipei trip
At nite, went for dinner with my IFS Shireen & LS SaniShireen claimed that she could not have her meal without any Vege
Haha.. Wat a funny lady!!Tis is mine!
Stir Fried Udon with Black Pepper Chicken
Yummy Yummy~
It is so god damn cheap I would say!
In a 5 star hotel, it costs RMB 48
after 50% Cabin Crew Discount, it becomes RMB 24
RMB 24 = RM 12!!Alright pls watch tis Tea Flower blossoming It comes to its final stage!
Awesome!! & the price for it is superb Awesome too!
RMB 66 for a pot of tea, even Cabin Crew has no discount privilege for tis!My pretty IFS & handsome LS
They R reali reali nice
Even though I am new, they don set a boundary between us
They R willing to teach me lots of stuff & being very very helpful
Tis is wat I call a real Cabin Crew role model :)Shanghai Nite City
It looks so much like Hong Kong but definitely more spacious & cleanTis is the Exhibition Hall tat I visited earlier& tis is the temple
It surely looks cool at nite
I just have no more energy to walk around
Went to bed kinda early
wake up call was 0615am
Holly Holly~I woke up earlier to prepare for my flight back to KL
It was just 5am! The day has become so bright!My set of crew
& I am not afraid to say that I do hate one or two person in my set
So fucking arrogant & attitude
Go to hell... U disgust me!Some said he looks like The Rock lolx
Yea he does! Muscular & energetic ever gentleman!Tis is the China crew
Okie.. very very the china look isnt it? :p

Ok, ride on the bus
Here we R heading to Pudong International Airport, Shanghai
Slideshow all the way :)Shanghai Highway is under construction still
Wait for 2010 to come! It would be a brilliant city soonTraffic can be trauma
Scary man.. I hate itThey R all waiting for publick Transport
Crowded all around!Shanghai Bund
There is a song for it!Even the Bus looks more presentable than Malaysia here
I wonder when R we gonna have a colourful city like ChinaBig Big Airport!

Silent Thoughts
Well, U see I am having fun exploring the world
& here U appeared in one of my good day
All U do was to spoil it
U tis mother fucker ass hole dark skin cheapskate pukimak
I've confirmed with someone higher position than U
U scolded me for no reason jibaiz U!!
U better watch out seriously!
I cant wait to fly with U again chao jibaiz!
Bcuz of tat little incentive & U could get so mad
Can see that U R such a cheapskate shameless creature
Fuck U!!!!

*phew* Done with all the cursing :)
I had so much fun tis month!
Went to kinda lots of places! Let me see
TGG - Terengganu, Sultan Mahmood Airport
DAC - Dhaka, Zia International Airport
KCH - Kuching, Kuching International Airport
JHB - Johore, Sultan Ismail Airport
DXB - Dubai, Dubai International Airport
IST - Istanbul, Ataturk International Airport
PEN - Penang, Penang International Airport
AOR - Alor Setar, Sultan Abdul Halim Airport
KUA - Kuantan, Sultan Ahmad Shah Airport
SBW - Sibu, Sibu Airport
TPE - Taipei, TaoYuan International Airport
BKI - Kota Kinabalu, Kota Kinabalu International Airport
PVG - Shanghai, Pudong International Airport
MES - Medan, Polonia Airport
HKT - Phuket, Phuket International Airport
Lolx.. wat a flying month! I am very contented!
Next month I have HKG Hong Kong nite stop
Gonna enjoy myself for sure!
She is in her Red Uniform
She has such a powerful look!
& yes! She is the most powerful IFS inside the aircraft!