Monday, September 7, 2009

Bon Voyage!

This day has finally come..
EK0343 to Dubai transit thereafter BHX has taken my Dearest Dearie away

I wasnt feeling emo not until half way preparation to drive out
I knew I am gonna cry & I told myself.. Better control a bit
Reached Elroy's place, can sense tat silence is the best policy
Everyone seemed so mood-less, empty facial expression
Elroy boarded my car & he cried all of a sudden..
Perhaps he couldnt take it anymore..
Dear, do U know tat time I was crying too?
Come on, U R gonna have a great life over there in Birmingham!
Everything is new & fresh to U alright!

So here we R!
KL International Airport
Even though I am a crew, I have never taken any pic in KLIA lolx
Red-Elroy's brother (Another handsome dude)
Blue-Elroy's papa (Definitely a handsome uncle in his age!)Oooi.. Look at the camera pls!!!Don cry Don cry
My eyes bags.. so fucking obvious!U still have the mood to make joke? lolxGrey-PaNee
She is going with Elroy tooEmirates Airways
Is one of the most luxurious airlines in the world
Elroy volunteers to note down their pattern of service onboard
Haha.. I am such a curious crew!
Their check-in bags R seriously fucking pregnant
Wat R U bringing over there? Stone?
Y so heavy!!!Thank U my dear
I never thought that U would write us a letter
p/s: My finger is so thick! Which mean....? :p
Ok continue!
Thank U very very much
Evon read it out while I was driving home
U R such a thoughtful person, a best fren that touches our heartie& Of course!
Shamrock weeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!
Can U guyz imagine tis? Elroy bought a pair of plain white shoes
He drew those cute little shamrock lucky four leaves on them!
TQ TQ TQ TQ VVM!!!In return I gave him tis
A kiddy farewell cardI hope U find it meaningful
I always believe in words could express inner feeling
& My feeling is definitely.. Hard to let U go..

Friendship is like a Violin
The music may stop now & then
But the strings will last forever
p/s: Actually I wanted to put "Rhythm" instead of strings

Best Friends R like Stars
U dont always see them
But U know they R always there
I could not stop sobbing when U hugged me
It feels so worst to look at Ur back leaving us here
For Ur bright future, For Ur life experience
Just go~ & Yes we all will miss U all the time
Bon Voyage darling!
Come back here after 1 year
Lets continue our photo shooting by Mr. Timer
Must be 3 of us ok!
Gosh... How much I Love U dear!!
I wish U know how do I feel now
Friendship Forever!
At the mean time while waiting for Ur return
Evon & Me definitely would update U as often as possible
Until U puke, vomit blood
The effort must not come from just 2 of us ok!
U gotta spare Ur time go online sometimes
& We shall wash our ears clean clean to listen to U
Best Fren Best Fren
Never ending! ^^
Must never end!
©® is crying in front of his laptop
Staring at those pic we have taken before tis
Having U 2 as my best frens, I am so lucky..
Cant stop saying it.. I Love U two.. very very much.
& excuse me Mr & Mrs. Tears.. can U pls stop right now..


  1. time still have to go~
    the moment that coming still soming~

    all the best Elroy~

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  3. About the violin, 'rhythm' should be better than 'strings' because my one of my violin's strings broke a few months after I bought it XD

  4. Yea, I have a blog too =D

    Now you have the link to it o_O