Friday, September 4, 2009

Count Down 3.. 2.. 1..

Dearie Elroy is leaving on 7th
In order to strengthen our friendship
I met up with them on my every off day recently
Evon said we R gonna puke on each other's face
Yea, kinda true!
We meet too often lately hahah!

We went to Revolving Restaurant in Federal Hotel
Which was his 1st dating with his love one 5 years back
According to Elroy, tis Revolving Restaurant is the 1st in Malaysia
Yeah right~ Very the old school type
It hits bumper sometimes, the whole restaurant would shake a bit
Scary man lolx hahha!!KL City view looks kinda good
Especially with its unique KL Tower & KLCC Twin TowersDon U think the little apartment has the Hong Kong feel
It is located at Jalan Alor, a very very old buildingColourful KL City
Malaysia is still the best lolxThe interior of this Revolving Restaurant has a little Euro feel
Wat cha waiting for? Of course! Camwhore kao kao^^For western cuisine, Bread Selection is one of the mandatory dishes
Let me be honest a bit, tis breads R free!
FOC? Lolx eat as much as possible hahhaa!It looks like Curry rite? It is actually Cheesy Mushroom with Potato
Yummy Yummy^^Fish & Chips for EvonSalmon Steak!!!
Delicious!!We even camwhore in the elevatorAfter tis crazy nite
We did have another dinner in TGI Friday 1 Utama
At 1st, plenty of choices in 1U
Can U imagine almost everyone lazy to cook at home
Or maybe the BF wanted to impress his GF
Could it be the GF merajuk wanted to have dinner outside..
1U was fucking full! In actual fact, it is full all the time!
Nothing much bout tat nite
We were very hungry!
Our aim was to eat eat eat to fill in our stomach lolx

Than another Oriental Lunch
I got a little dearie here having Oriental Foods almost every date
She is gonna faint actually
Thanks to her! Yong Tau Foo!! Best~I just cant resist the Fried BeanCurd
Not only Crispy & it tastes like Heaven lolxCendol & ABC
Sedap tau yang~

May I remind U again, tis is not a blog tat only talks bout Foods
It is bout My Life lolx
Enough of Foods, back to main topic ^^

Elroy CYK & Evon TSF
When I 1st saw U guyz, I didnt know that we could be even a normal fren
The time that we shared between 3 of us
Has never failed to make u two my best fren
It is a spontaneous response when anyone asks me
"Who is Ur best fren?"
U know the answer could never run away from announcing 2 of U
It has become a practice when any of us facing any problem
There would be an emergency meeting
They wont understand the humours that we talk bout
**With the palm of the hand turning upside down**
**With my eyes closed & showing confident look**
Certainly no one could predict the future
But I somehow could tell.. Our frenship is not fragile at all
We have such a strong basic foundation to hold us together
Though we walk from a different life
Might walk away to a different life too
There is an unseen connection in between 3 of us
With 1 condition, must be 3 of us together
This is the frenship for 3 of us
Without any of us, this frenship will not be as happening as wat we R now
I only hate 2 of U when we cant spend time drinking all nite long
SO Yk, pls return to us with Ur original form
We cant afford to lose U & tat's so true!

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  1. Nice friendship demonstration guys :)
    You 3 cheer to life & that's great !
    I'm glad I could have you all with me at least once, great experience for sure ahah !

    Take care,