Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Disaster Dubai Istanbul Trip

I was so hoping to go to Istanbul
& Finally I made it all my way to this one of the ancient cities in the world
Well well, I did my best to capture every scene that I can
However.. Disaster happened..!!
I was in Taksim which is the heart of Istanbul with one of my seniors
Transport from the hotel didnt pick us back
We decided to find out way home
This 2 fella appeared in nowhere & showed their friendliness
& Too bad.. We both fell for the trap!
Nothing much to talk bout this fucking pukimak incident
I have lost my camera & tat is the reason Y I don have any Istanbul pic
I was so sad & couldnt sleep well..
Anyway, I have got myself a new Sony Camera in Dubai
& these R the only pics I have
I was in Dubai Carrefour
which is the place where MAS crew shop regularlyAt 1st I reali thought the camel is real..
Who knows!!!Oh rite.. I got myself a new shade
It comes with a cool box
Captured it with Smile Detection
Big Big Smile lolxDubai Istanbul trip

So many stewards!!! Lack of stewardess nowadays lolx
p/s: I am the shortest.. Again!

I learned something from this trip
I lack of security awareness
When I walk on the street, I would usually present a polite smile
While my seniors R normally black face or even without any facial expression
I thought they R rude
Well Well, not exactly though
It is one kind of self-protection
Yea rite~ I am just too kind to everyone lolx
Yup, gotta be a beast from now onwards!!
Not much smiling face
I am pretty sad thoughHopefully I would get another chance to go to Istanbul again
& I am gonna show U people the real Istanbul with my camera!
Pray for me people!

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  1. omg...pity u leh....use ur cam to learn a lesson...nvm lar...at least is experience also in ur life....sure u can go again...