Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Evon T, the Hottest Chick in Malaysia

So glad that she is finally in
Guys, pls don waste tis chance to take a deep look of her!

Gorgeous, Sexy, Pretty, Talented, Potential, Cool Freelance Model.. U name it!
Evon T is her name, U got me so wet man!


Back from DXB IST
Home sweet home still, I love my home
I went out only once with Evon, time to catch up with Bestie
1st time physically feel that Elroy is real far from us
Cant have 3 person emergency meeting
Thanks for calling from so far away Elroy! It was so sweet =)
After all this time, I have decided not to talk bout *someone* again
It is weird huh? My mama & Evon said something bout him tis time lolx
Yea.. I understand tat, Elroy could call his love one EVERYDAY, never failed!
Oh yea, I nearly forgot how I felt tat time
Being so fucking patient & keep waiting for nothing in return..
Isss... Tis feeling sucks..
It cant be even more worst when someone accusing U that..
Ass.. U R such a dumb ass!
I told Evon, tat person is gonna realize what he has done to me one day
Yea.. one day, there would be a day but not too soon though
Alright, lets stop talking bout tis. No more No more.
Something is up, Evon's birthday is coming!
Something I m gonna achieve soon next month!
Feeling hopeful despite so many things have happened tis year
I mean.. Its reali a tons of thing happened
& yet I am still so strong! Admire myself lolx
Crason's spirit~ Crason's passion~ Crason's craziness^^
Coming flight
- TPE Taipei 24th 25th
- PVG Pudong/Shanghai 27th 28th
Cant wait for it! Gonna shop like hell!
& Mooncake festival is coming oh!
U choose Tong Kee Brothers? I choose Taipei & Shanghai brand mooncake lolx
Its the life of Flight Attendant! Hehe =D



  1. wow~
    she can give what u want~
    i like her eyes~
    and the tahi lalat~
    the personality of Evon was the Smoky eyes and the tahi lalat~

    Cheer Evon~
    same with you Crason~