Saturday, September 19, 2009

Oh Dear Elroy.. I miss u so..

Elroy left us to Birmingham for only 12 days?!
The time is like freezing.. fucking slow!
It feels so weird without him around us
I looked at my FB display pic which was taken in the airport
The nite before he left us
I decided to give him a missed all
He called me back! Yeah, I was feeling heaven!
Conversation seems to be as usual, none stop talking & talking
When he mentioned bout his Mama, it was the 1st call he made
"Mami.. I miss U so much.."
"Ya.. I miss U too, when I cook U R not around at home.."
OMG.. My tears dropped straight!
Ya dear, I also wish to share every single nonsense thing with U
Seated, grab a Beer & talk whole nite long like we did last time
& Yes, I do wan to know how do U feel for now U R staying alone
Wat is ur opinion towards everything in Birmingham
True enough, tell me who to stop my tears..
1 year should be fast
But I do feel it is like a hell slow fucking dragging every day
Lets do wat U said, convince Evon to go there with me!
At the mean while, pls take good care of urself
& hoping to receive ur long long email soon
I wonder how many of U have tired tis kind of Friendship tears
It tastes so sweet, from the bottom of my heart, inside out
I don mind shedding my tears again & again for my 2 Besties
I know U guyz would never hurt me in any way
Instead we care for each other with all ways
I, Crason, swear that this Friendship shall not be faded away
I just.. Love U two so so much.. Yes! I do!

I will never forget the hug U gave us..
Before U walked down to the departure hall
Nothing comes close to that feeling..
Nothing ever..


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