Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sibu the Swan Paradise

I have been staying overnight in Sibu for few times
Even my 1st nite stop was in Sibu as well^^
Seriously, Sibu is such a boring place haha :D
Everything seems so slow, a very quiet city indeed
& I was kinda surprised to see the Yellowish River
The contamination level must be kinda high!

No lie ok, it is reali tat yellowish!
& I wonder.. China Yellow Sea, would it be greater than tis? :p
It makes a huge comparison with the hotel's swimming pool

Get out from the hotel
U may see residents in Sibu
Their activity is fishing lolx
The water is so yellowish.. The fish is still tasty?Swan is the signature
But I don see any swan at all

Swan is the signature
Tis is one of the Sibu's harbour

Kids in Sibu
They love doing tis?
Playing around with the rubbish?
It is reali dirty.. Isnt it?
Another thing bout Sibu
Lots of chinese here!
U cant reali know R they chinese or other races
Bcuz their skin colours R almost the same :D

Again.. Swan is the signature
Where R all the swans?
Beside of tis chinese temple
Here it is the Rain Tree
It says tis Rain Tree has been breathing for more than 100++ years!

I like tis so so much
Wish to have one in my home!
Shops R all closed
Hari Raya fever still
But Y it looks like Chinese New Year more?

I bet my colleagues R gonna say I am Crazy
No one would enjoy the view like I do :P
Sibu, the only thing I would reali enjoy is to taste the fish here
Yea Yellowish River fish tastes much better^^
Lets join the club, the fish is superb cheap compared to KL
I have been working for 5 days tis week
Tiring.. Seriously!!
At the mean while, rest well & Taipei here I come on 24th

Camwhore, who doesnt like it? lolx :P


  1. ______████ _
    _____██████ _
    ____████████__________ ▌
    ___███____███_________ █
    __███_______ █_________█
    ____█______██______███_ █
    ___████_█ █__███ _█__██_▌
    Best wishes from an Estonian living in Italy

  2. the swan has a deeper meaning as told by hans christian andersen. you won't be seeing swans around the town as they will end up on the dinner table. =) The river is yellow because of deforestation and the lanterns are for mooncake festival. Sibu is a chinese town. You gotta look nearer , sibu is litered with signboards that have big chinese letters without laws saying that u must put malay words. check out their night market to see the true colours of unity among muslims & non-muslims. See the inner side not mere physical or protuberance. fishing is a kind of hobby and it does not mean that you have to eat the fish that you fished. it trains patience and many more. think deep at times. have a wonderful trip to taipei! =)