Saturday, September 26, 2009

Taipei Short Stay

Tis would be my 2nd time in Taipei
Airport name is Taiwan Tao Yuan International Airport
It is so damn far from the Hotel I stay
Tis time is not like the previous Taipei stay I had
It is so much shorter
Reached hotel, freshened up & all of us prepared to cruise around
Tis time, I have more chinese in my set of crew
Vivian, Carmen, Cynthia, Azma & Me
I'm flying with LSS Azma for 2nd time
She is a nice lady!
& Vivian is the Mandarin crew
She is our tour guide lolx

So this is Taipei Day time
Everyone walks on the street
Its like wat we see in HKG street

Taiwan's train system is kinda good
Full of people as well!!

We came to tis station
Its like a shopping mall under groundShi Men, finally I make it!

I love this building so much!
Inside of it, it is a mini museum & a mini shopping mall too
Even the toilet sign board can be so colourful!

Taipei Taiwan
Shopping paradise!!
It is so fat & huge
I Love it!!

I did not get enough sleep for this stay
Slept around 4 hours
Not just me, is the whole set of crew
Yea Yea, I did enjoy myself very much in tis colourful city
Hopefully next time, I get to stay longer
Now I am gonna rest before going for my flight
Tonight going to Shanghai~
Nice place I heard! Shanghai Nite City
I am coming!!



  1. nice photos... and such a cool job, u got to travel and visit different places:)

  2. so enjoy ... envy your job.. haha anyway enjoy your trip at shang hai night life than..

  3. I love Taiwan~ will go visit again on next year^^ by MAS too... May c u on flight^^ haha^^