Friday, October 30, 2009

Random Days

Just got back from Dubai yesterday
Though it was only 3 days 2 nites in Dubai
I felt like.. its been over a month
Long time didnt update my blog
Here R all my random days recently

Flew with Sea Callen
Knew her in training school
A pretty stewardess for sure
We talked whole nite long till reporting
Love her quote
"I'm not a good talker but I am a good listener"

Ok, now jump to Dubai all of a sudden
Miss Diva Shah & Norliah

Norliah is already 30++
& yet she looks so cute still

We hated each other at 1st
Finally flew together lolx
Well, we seem to be kinda close now though hahhaa

Our hotel is not so near to the airport
but the thing is
U can see aircraft landing from far end
Approaching the airport area
The frequency was so high
Yea, Dubai International Airport is a real busy airport

Hang out with tis crazy group almost everyday
& for sure.. Briyani Rice never ending

In tis restaurant
Visitor's Place
The waiter can even speak Malay
No surprise! They have been serving us since don know how may years ago

Met my batchmate Govin
We both R actually kinda Oriental kind of guyz lolx
How to say that?
He is having " I Love Beijing " & I have " Welcome to Taiwan "

Miss Rose
Famous among MAS crew
U could not find anything cheaper than tis

Made in Taiwan
Got this for my sister & Evon

Got iPhone for myself
Finally.. lolx

So U see.. nothing much recently
Dubai, a hot country & a shopping paradise
Though they have Desert Tour
I aint feeling interested lolx

Oh yea.. Y not I share this with all of U
Someone special gave me this
& I am so feeling Coo Coo~

Thanks to U *someone special* ^^

Posing Maut!!
Super Model!!

Time to head back to Malaysia

Next month I will be going to Dubai again
Tis time would be 7 days tat long
Kinda bored of it, keep repeating the same thing
Briyani Rice, Shopping, Briyani Rice & Shopping.. =.="
Not excited at all..

I wonder am I being unfair to someone special or not
Everyone of us would have been hurt before
It seems to be natural that we would somehow put up a protective cover
Hide away the true us, a mask for everyone
We R just trying to protect ourselves
Well.. I've decided to reveal the real me
3 Months probation period :p
& I am feeling so close with U already
Very close indeed :)


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Back to MAA for 2 Days~

I was rostered for 2 days class
Gotta go back to MAA
It is not Madras tat MAA it is Malaysia Airlines Academy tat MAA
U know what is the only frustration?
Is to drive all the way.. Early in the morning
Just to avoid fucking traffic jam
U know.. I hate traffic trauma to the max!

As usual
Put on Mp3, Smoking in the car
Driving very patiently to MAA
Thank god.. Traffic wasnt tat crazy :P

Reached MAA not even 10 mins
Received a text msg from Mdm. Carol!
She invited me for breakfast in the offiice!
Seriously.. I feel so warm in my heart :)Carol she resigned as a Chief Stewardess
& came down to be a Trainer in MAA
Yup, no doubt
She is very knowledgeable & kind too
She is still flying as a Chief Stewardess
A part time Trainer for now
Ex Crew as well

The lightning wasnt good
It was dark & I have no choice but to put it brighter
The result came out like tis
She is Melaine Xavier
One of the prettiest Trainers seriously :)& of course!
Nazimah, my Step Mother!
She is always that close with me
Aww.. I am feeling so sweet :)Ruby
U know she is pretty enough to be a stewardess!
She is now a trainer too with us!My Batchmate
Wan & Govin
Seniors in D-Fleet
Wish them all the best in their upcoming EOC interview!
Super Seniors~!
Flying for more than 10 years
& yet they R very friendly
We mix along very well!

U see
Malaysia Airlines is reali something
Mixed Races come from Mixed Cultures
We all were brought up in the way of respecting & understanding
Each & every different culture & race
We R attending this enhancement course
C.A.B Communication Across Borders
I thought I will be bored till death
Surprisingly, I find it interesting & 2 days seem to be a little short

Learn alot from this class
Just to share something here
Communication is one of the elements that is so important in our life
Not to mention bout expressing Urself in a rite way
& it is to deliver message effectively
& to avoid any misunderstanding among everyone

Where there is a doubt
We tend to avoid any discussion
Even if we R having disagreement
We need to speak up! With the rite tone, rite manner & rite time
However, in such a seniority industry
How many of us can actually do tat?
Keep quiet to avoid kena taruh?
Or Say it out loud to attract more taruh?

There was a test
Result came out as I always choose to Harmonize all the problems
Pretty true, I don love to complicate the situations
If I were to lose just to make U feel happier
I wont mind, my dear :)
P/S: I realize
I have changed alot.. compared to the Crason I was :)