Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Beijing Super Short Stay!!!

Recently I seem to be a China Crew
Been to Shanghai, Hong Kong & now Beijing!
I didnt know tat my Beijing tis stay is the shortest
Kinda upset at time
Well, no choice.. Gotta enjoy still^^

Ready to go out after a 6 hours flight from KL
Tired.. Very tired but how can I waste such a chance to see Beijing!

Their chair table is seriously tiny
Isnt it? lolx

Went to tis Fruit stall
Found something which I've never seen in KL

Tis is Dates
Fresh dates!!
Juicy plus sweet! Very nice!

No choice kan?
Went out with 2 Aunty Stewardess lolx
For sure is buying fruits lolx

Beijing is full of foods too!
Visited tis restaurant
Ok.. My 2 Aunty Stewardess
Vivian & Celine

For all the above, it costs only RMB 80
which is RM 40?!? Super Cheap man!!

Nothing much to show though
Hopefully next time I can have a longer stay Beijing!

1st time I worked in Airbus Business Class
OMG.. Seriously kantoi giler babi
I don know how to work at all
Blurring all the time!!
Thanks to my Chief Steward Mr. Upali
He talked nicely to me, laughed at me often when he saw me having my blank moment
To meet tis kind of nice person in airline?
The percentage is.. <5%
He told me some stories & asked me to think
If I were to have power + ranking all of a sudden
Will my personality change from kind to vicious
Honestly, I think I might change though!
True true.. When U gain something extraordinary
U tend to show ur real true colours
Which could be very very worst & frightening!
In the end of the day, no matter how.. Is ur own decision
Bear Ur own reality & responsibility
No one is gonna lift U up from the mud,
Is all bcuz of U tis heartless bitch who forgot ur root

OMG.. My face was so fucking round back to Year 2006Oh yea almost forgot bout tis
As of yesterday 13th Oct 2009
We broke up for 2 years plus already
With tis handsome guyz Venesly lolx
13th Oct supposed to be our Anniversary Day every year
Unfortunately, We lasted for only 1 year 7 months
Cheers to our previous relationship
I see myself growing from time to time
But not sure bout him
U know.. I m not tat kind of person who would keep contact with ex bf lolx :p
Here is the pic! Tat still remained in his Friendster!
The other 2 i copied from my long lost fren's profile
How sweet of U!! I deleted everything & tat include our memory too
Hehe.. I am so evil!
Anyway to my previous Dear Dear Venesly,
Thanks for the love! Thanks for accepting who am I
Even though we didnt make it thru in the end
Whatever tat we have been thru is not vain
Its just buried deep deep in the ocean brain
All the best all the time! Cheers!!
Btw, tis is how he looks like now...

Super Hunk! Good thing or Bad thing? lolx
Well.. I don know seriously :p

If I were to be given a chance to *jump* back to our start
I'll still choose to be someone bad temper
Bcuz it was U who made me realize tat I should get a change
Thank U so so much.. Without U, I will never be someone better :)


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