Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday My Dearest Evon :)

I was away when my little angel having her birthday celebration
Tis is the belated celebration for her :)
I always hear she says.. I LOVE WESTERN FOODS
Oh ok, which one now? TGIF? Chilis? The Ship? Italianese?
We have tried almost all kind
Tis time, we R gonna try somewhere more cozy :p
It is located at Jalan Alor
All kinds of restaurantEvon said they have special kinds of beer!
Stella Artois & HoegaardenStella must be a dry beer, it tastes more bitter
While Hoegaarden is more smoothieSalted Fish?? lolxFrench Snail
Yummy Yummy with its Garlic-liked gravy Brown Sauce Ribbed Pork Fillet with Mashed PotatoCheers!!
Elroy Elroy.. Its the 1st time Evon's birthday celebration without U
Went home after tat, web cam straight away!
Let Elroy shares our happiness too :)

As usual, our mouth has never stopped gossiping
Its mainly bout our own problems
How it tis going, How is tat happening
We might pause here n then but the topics R endless still
Tis is how I enjoy my time with my Besties

Evon Evon, as I said
Me, as ur Bestie, will never wanted to see U being frustrated over things
Sometimes, it is just meant to be let go
Without a proper reason, needless any excuses
U R now drowning & forgot how does it feel to breathe with freedom
Things could get very worst but it is never the worst
Until U let it haunt U again & again
Stop the nightmare tat haunt U every night
Live again, be alive again
U may find Ur sweet dream in no time, very soon :)
& Again

Happy Birthday^^

I Love to see Ur smile
A Sweet Candy Apple to everyone's eyes :)


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