Saturday, October 10, 2009

Huhu~ My 1st ever Virgin Hong Kong

1st time to Hong Kong
Wasnt reali feeling excited though
Bcuz I am so fucking tired of flying almost everyday
Got only 1 day off interval
Well, I didnt know tat I would enjoy Hong Kong so so much in the end!

Flight was re-timed from1845hrs to 2030hrs
There goes my allowance for 1 hour & 45 mins!!
Reached hotel was kinda late
Still, never failed to meet up with my 2 batchmates!
Eenaz & Terence
Rarely can meet them though as we always fly different destination

Getting ready to go out!
Using complimentary train express ticket to go to the town
Outside of the airport, so many Taxi!!
Red in colours, same in Malaysia
Feeling Hong Kong yet?

Just some silly shoots inside the airport
Hong Kong foods R always delicious?
Even the look is cool though
We had our breakfast here in this Dim Sum restaurant

The cutlery is so so so Chinese Style
Very nice!! Especially taste it with the chili paste!!

Tis is a Must Try!
Yea of course..!! Delicious!!

We R Malaysia Airlines Cabin Crew
Enjoy the privilege of 40% Discounts!
Great Deal!!!

Hong Kong International Airport
It is so huge!
See, U can even lie on the floor :D

From the Airport itself travel to Hong Kong Station
Pass thru Tsing Yi & Kowloon
Yes here We R!Hong Kong Hong Kong!!

Lunch time for them?
Queue up so long! Even stand to eat
Busy life in Hong Kong

Need to go to others station
U gotta change to Hong Kong Metro MTR
Pretty convenient
Its just expensive!!

Train station mostly underground
& It is huge down here!
Oh Yea.. Here We R!
Mong Kok!!
OMG... I am feeling so so so Hong Kong now!!!

Hong Kong has the similarity like Taipei
Its just Hong Kong is more messy look & older lolx
Well, another Must Try~!

Weekend price is different from Weekday!
How crazy!!

We asked for cutlery
Who knows?! It is inside the drawer!!
Very very embarrassed!!
She looks like one of the Hong Kong Artist Michelle
Just a bit too Village Auntie look hahaha

We have this too in Malaysia
Even my mama cooks it better lolx
Don reali like the way they cook

Ladies Street^^
Got a shirt for my sister lolx
Very old buildings & crowded
Something like Sri PetalingExcuse me!
Satay?! It is Malaysia specialty ok!!!
Asked help from people on the street
Tis is how Hong Kong people look like^^
Said Byebye~ to my colleagues
Went to this station myself
Tsim Sha Tshui!!It is a Must Visit station in Hong Kong!
Euro feel building now
Hong Kong Museum of Art

Everywhere on the street
U may see those Famous Hong Kong Artist signature

So do U wan to be a Future Star too?
This girl is dreaming to be one for sure lolx

Time to go back & get some rest
Nite view is coming!!!Central Station

OMG.. U cannot imagine how great is tis HSBC building
Stunning man!!

This scene is so familiar
I recognise tis but forgot the movie title
It is a ghost movie though
A helpless vulnerable lady was haunting by ghost here!

Causeway Bay~
Malaysia has Time Square too!!
For sure.. Theirs look alot better!!!

I like tis!
Certain period of time
No Vehicles allowed to drive on this path!

Tis is the silly Michael Ward lolx
A Brazilian, very frenly indeed!
Evon said he looks like a football player lolx

XO sauce with Ribbed Pork, Stir Fried Mee
Yummy Yummy!!
This is not fried chicken!
It is Deep Fried Cuttle Fish!

Finally! I have visited Hong Kong
Few more destination tat I might fly to
Incheon, Korea
Perth, Australia
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Hong Kong is so best!!! How I wish I have more time to go around
I wan to taste all the street foods!!
2molo flying to Beijing
They say Beijing is cold now! Yes!! I love it!!


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