Monday, October 19, 2009

Days.. My Days

I was in Singapore SIN
Singapore Changy Airport
For a super short stay
Just tat few hours
Still manage to go out for a while anyway lolx

The Airport itself is so big
It has Terminal 1, 2 & 3

Singapore Flyer is seriously alot better I think
In Malaysia wat do we have? Eyes on Malaysia
Name sucks.. hahha!
Oh Yea.. never forget to greet
Happy Deepavali everyone :)
I Love its Dim Sum! Nice!!
My set of sleepy crew
Everyone was so sleepy.. lolx

U see, something must be wrong recently
I thought I am the only one feeling tat reluctant to go for flight
Surprisingly, same thing happens to Wayne too!
Wayne was about to go for his 8 days Dubai Beirut Trip
He was tat reluctant, until he wished he was sick
lolx.. R we being taking things for granted?

Airbus Nite Stop destination left few for me
Incheon, Korea
Perth, Australia
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Seriously, the excitement seems dimmer n dimmer
OMG.. how can I survive to fly longer tis way?!
Still, hopefully next month I can get ICN & PER soon
Bout CMB? No Thanks ya.. lolx :P

Saw a msn chatter on my flight back from Phnom Penh
Was feeling shy & yet my professionalism drove me thru lolx
He said I killed alot inside the aircraft
Wow.. Tat's a pretty strong compliment
Yea, I always hope to kill more^^

Coming will be 2 days class in academy
Not feeling excited.. Y don U let me fly more & earn more money?
But to tie me down with tis kind of classes?
Mayb tis could help me getting rid of my laziness recently
Hope for the best bah~

Do Ur camera have Smile Detection feature?
U gotta smile tis big to make it detected though!
Hehe :D

I'm feeling more & more lonely tis days..
Someone pls come & rescue me..


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