Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Still Loving It :)

Yesterday back from BKI daily flight
Saw a senior stewardess that I flew with before tis
Thru chit chatting, I got to know another rumours bout myself
Oh well, it seems to be so normal to be back stabbed
I mean for me only
Oh yea, politic politic issues will never end
I felt so hard to take it & went emo for hours
Finally I talked to Evon & I cried in the end
Frustrated, stressed.. everything
Aaaah.. not to forget to mention bout tis
Best fren is always someone who can understand U
Even if U don tell the whole story
Moreover, Evon has been with me for around 16 years lolx
Phew.. Crying is still the best way to release myself
Now back to normal again lolx

She is my batchgirl
Shakerah (Shakira?)
Yea her ass is big though lolx
Tonight going to Hong Kong for my very 1st time
Staying 2 nites there :)
Hopefully I can get to snap pic as many as possible^^
Safe & Happy flight to myself

p/s: To U
Excuse me, U think I love my life to be full of problems?
Sometimes problems just come to us & there is hell no way for us to avoid
Tag me "Always have something to complain"
How "generous" U R seriously..
Thanks alot for showing ur true colours
Not sincere? Just fuck off.. I don need U to be my listener

..When we have somethings in our mind which bothering us
All we need.. Is someone who is sincerely showing care for our feeling
But not someone who would say "Y U always have something to complain"..


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  1. everything will be allright ^^
    dont be moody 7a ^^