Friday, October 16, 2009

Vacancy for a Full Time Lover

Everything that happens must have a Reason Y?
Then can U explain Y am I having Insomnia?
Its been almost 48 hours I didnt sleep at all
What is wrong?!?Oh God.. I cannot imagine how can I smile like this
Signature smile huh?
Facing passengers also the same face
Oh yea.. There was one passenger complimented me today
Thanks alot!Working for MAS since last year Oct 15th
Happy Anniversary to my batch mates
Its been a year already, time does fly
I am a D Fleet crew
Flying Boeing 737 & Airbus 330
Actually more than tat!
737-400 owned by company & also 737-400 leased aircraft
737-800 as well
Comes with 330-300 owned by company
& 330-200 leased aircraft
Total 5 types of different aircraft configuration
Adaptability is the key!

Just chatted with Elroy
Oh my dear.. I cannot imagine that I have just said tis..
YES.. I am fucking lonely..
I am all over whatever shit that have happened
So so ready for a new relationship

Someone to share with my days
Talk bout my feeling
Care bout my well being

Vacancy for a Full Time Lover
Requirement: Sincere
Contract duration: Whole life

p/s: Ah I just recall.. There is no such thing call Lover Forever..


  1. um-huh~~
    did u remember what i told u before??
    smiles always ^^ with your real feeling
    because that's your signature smile
    i want sign for the contract >< haha

  2. Believe me,it won't be long before that space is filled by someone who really deserves someone like you~ I'll be praying for that day..

  3. interested .. bt nt sure to be in MAS anot .. graduating soon .. wish to fly >.<