Sunday, November 29, 2009

Annoucement, I'm feeling Coo Coo~

Oh Yeah~ I'm in Love!
So he is my someone special
Kind, gentle, caring, thoughtful
Everything seems good with him
Tell me, how wouldnt I feel Coo Coo?

He appears at the right time
To rescue me from the portal of loneliness
Insecure was what made me feeling hard to trust someone again
He appears at the right moment
To tell me that I deserve someone better
Infinity, endless love is what makes me feeling alive again

Give my someone special a nickname, shall we?
Lolx... Coo Coo it is!
Coo Coo, may I extend my utmost gratitude for accepting who am I
Despite what I have done, what I have encountered before
Lead me to see the brighter side of the world
Purify my grudge, embrace my dreams, fulfill my needs
I'm thanking you with all my heart
Thank You Coo Coo
I Love You

After ended my previous relationship,
I was seriously struggling
I mean, there wasnt a proper ending
U just disappeared like a vapour vanishes in the air
Someone didnt want to admit his lie, what can I do anyway?
YOU.. Yes, I mean YOU, the one who broke my heart with lies
What's up? Y R U still bothering viewing my blog?
U had planned so long to betray me
Lies & full of craps, how could U not just being egoistic but an evil too?
U looked truthful, someone very true to be seen
I'm just disappointed, plain disappointment
Coo Coo suggested me to write U a long email
To express? To complain? Whining aint helping
"I lost you 3 years ago & I wont lose you again"
What a statement! Awesome!
I'm not angry, not keeping grudge or anything
I'm pretty glad though to see the evil side of U
Its just sad & pathetic..
I pity U.. R U that scared to be Ur true self?

Bout the "V" I mentioned earlier
U did help me when I was so lost
Thanks to you too
I tried, I did try
Its just wont work, perhaps we R from a different world
Thanks.. & I am sorry
But dare U blame me on that
I did not cheat Ur feeling, not even a bit
I told U that I need times to do my little self recovery
But U just don understand
I bet U have found another piece of happiness
Good for U, U R a great guy, stay happy as usual
Promise me!

Coo Coo, I am just impressed by Ur patience & love
Slowly U have become a part of my life
I cherish every single moment with U
Its a long road, lets Actions speak louder than word
Thank you everyone for those sincere wishes
Yea.. I am not longer single!
I am in love with Coo Coo, so much indeed :)

I Love You!


Friday, November 27, 2009

New Property of Mine! This year 2009

I own a Samsung Laptop
Kinda bulky & heavy
The speed was slow & its not worthy to even spend a little
To add the RAM
Well.. might as well get a new one, true?
I have too many pics stored in it
When I need to reformat my laptop
Wash away everything?
Erhm.. Y not get an external hard disk?
Based on all these, strong enough to convince myself

To spend a little, get everything new!

320GB External Hard Disk
Red in colour, very the over looking
Bet it is worthy anyway :P

Yes it is just an Acer
Nothing much expensive or glamour
Something weighted very light
Easy to bring along especially bcuz of my job

It is a shame that it comes with no DVD room
External DVD room then
MOJ.. as long as U have the money, true? haha!
OMG.. My next post would be bout my someone special
Very nervous!! Well guyz, thanks for all of your kind wishes
Hehe.. See U on my next post!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dubai again..?

Like I said previously
I'll b away to Dubai for 7 days
& it wasnt just solely Dubai
Covered Beirut & Karachi as well
Its rare to be rostered for this kind of airbus flight
Money good + Long stay
Its just that I missed someone special badly when I was there

Both of them R Wide Body crew
They both said this 7 days Dubai flight allowance is little
Of course, compared to their London, Amsterdam, Paris all Euro flight'
Dubai does seem a little tiny
But for me? Waaa.. A lot already!!

& Again I mentioned before
Briyani none-stop man.. Never ending!!
Sick of it but still chunk in everything to my stomach
Oh yea, this baby is so cute!!
& I wonder all Arabian parents R like that
Love to leave their kids around the floor

Its getting darker
& Dubai is heading to Winter
The weather is just perfect man!

I never could imagine Dubai can be that pretty at nite
With all the lights & scenary
Took boat riding
Wanted to enjoy the sea breeze
All I tasted was the "smell" of Arabian.......................
Ya Allah......

Even when U walk on the street..
Arabian smell.. Waa.. So strong!!!!

Beirut is beautiful
Its just what a regret that we R not allowed to take pic around the airport
So what now?
Take pic in aircraft ba!

Here I would like to introduce Aircraft Lavatory = Toilet
It is not big
Can U see that?
A little space of aircraft is money
So save space for more seats
Make any sense to U?
No Smoking pls..
& also Latch the door when U R doing business
Okay.. I know how over is this pic
Very the posing lolx

There is Pillow & Blanket for each individual
Enjoy Ur flight with us!

Coming soon.. Introduce something I have bought recently
& for sure gonna introduce my someone special :)
Good day guyz! Ciaoz~

Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Day in Korea

Its my day!!
I remember I was feeling real lazy to pack my stuff
Heading to airport for standby duty
Reached airport, got a cig & then I went to see the duty officer
Someone called for MC all of a sudden
& I had no choice but to go for that flight
Guess what?
Oh yea.. Its Incheon, Korea!!
I got to admit.. I was nervous & yet excited too
U know.. I've never been to Korea & kinda looking forward for tis flight

Every time before my flight
I'll study a bit & prepare well for it
But tis time, I must tune myself from being a standby crew
to be someone going to Korea
Its not easy.. As I didnt expect to go that far
Thank God.. seriously
Everyone is nice to me, include Korean Crews too
Safely reached Korea & looking forward to go out!
Shutter service provided from the airport hotel to downtown
After informing reception bout my desired pick up time
Went to bed & snored like a pig
Tired man.. flying for 7 hours plus

1 hour before the pick up
Gone down to take some pic
Oh man.. I just love the weather
It was roughly 15 degree Celsius
Almost end of autumn & the begin of winter
Its just.. Cool!!

I wonder is this correct
Handy = Easy
So which mean.. Easycap lolx

Its just nice.. The colours!!

2 Dragons hugging each other
& too bad I don understand Korea Language
Anyway can see that Korea has some connection with Chinese
We all worship Dragon :p

Shutter bus came
Jumped in & my Korean Crew
Cecelia, she gave me this
Nice snack she has got!
Was starving actually lolx

Along the way to downtown
It took around 45 mins to reach
What a nice colours combination
Reddish jungle, not just plainly green in our country

Not much car though
But even if there R many cars
U would still feel OK I guess?
Bcuz it is not hot.. its cold!
It can somehow help to chill everyone's mind
Imagine U stuck urself in Malaysia Traffic Jam..
Gonna get me so crazy mad man!!!

Here I give U
Cecelia, Jeong Ae Heo
& this is her fren
Yup.. Korean as well
Forgot her name but she is a nice girl :)

Cecelia told me
This Yellow colour will only appear during this season
End of Autumn & beginning of Winter
I love it!!

Korea Street
It looks like Taipei though
I bet Japan would be kinda the same too
It just wont happen in Malaysia lolx :p

Got into 7-11
Must try something new isnt it?!
Come on man! I'm in Korea ok!!

Everyone says Korean Girls R super pretty
What do U think?
Acting cute??
Come on.. lolx

This is the 1st ever Catholic Church in Korea
Very very the historical building
Many drop by & take pic

Young Women's Christian Association
Chinese words say
Women/Lady Statue

Oh gosh.. how gorgeous!!!
Its just grand!!!

& tis is National Bank of Korea
It looks like western kinda building
Korea must be conquered by mat salleh back then lolx
Oops.. & this is so fun
Hanjin is actually the largest shipping company in Korea
Its just happen to meet our airlines language
Hanjing!!!! lolx

Lots of money she has!!!
Made by raw sugar & it smells like Coffee though
Ok, got this for someone special lolx
Hopefully it wont crack until safely reach KL lolx

U know.. I always love Hot Dog hahha

Now is the show time
I love Korea Shopping Mall
Moreover this is Lotte
Their trademark lolx
Watch out the colours!

Not reali obvious?
This one better

Best Best...!
I was staring all the way like a nerd
Just keeping my eyes over the changes of colours
Yea man.. I love Korea!
Got this from Faceshop
Very cheap
Its just KW 1,000 for each
which is approx. MYR 3.30?
Its origin is from Japan or Korea?
I don know.. What I know is
This salted seaweed tastes so good!!!
Orange Pudding & Kimchi
Our aircraft meals
Very nice!!!

Packaging is so nice
Slim & Tall like a gorgeous lady
U might like to own one too!
Look at it carefully!
Black cat!! Evon is the black cat man!!!
I bet she loves this^^
Well don get me wrong, she is not a smoker
Its just for the sake of collection
Raison = Crason?
Sound similar!!

My Dunhill Light
It has so many different packaging
& I afford to get myself one
Dunhill Midnight
Love it!

Souvenir from Faceshop
Just a minute ago wish it would crack
U see.. it cracks so so much!!!
My heart is broken!!!!
It tastes good still lolx
This Coffee sachet is supplied by Korean Air catering
It tastes very light but the smell is so good!

Oh yea.. this it is!
Maxim Espresso
It is actually identical to my someone special name lolx
Huhu.. He said I am good in picking souvenir lolx hhhahaa!!

Cecelia said
This coffee has made Korea a big time actually
Normal coffee gives U a kiss on Ur cheek
But Maxim Espresso TOP gives U french kiss! ^^
U can even see this from advertisement!!

Wow.. I reali had fun in Korea
Even though not a long stay
But more then enough man!!
I wan to go to Korea again pls? :P

I'll be away to Dubai for 7 days tonight
For the sake of money I tell myself repeatedly
I'm gonna miss someone special I know it
Well when I am back.. A special occasion awaits me!
I'm counting the days for this special day too!!
At the mean time, lets enjoy the flight!