Sunday, November 29, 2009

Annoucement, I'm feeling Coo Coo~

Oh Yeah~ I'm in Love!
So he is my someone special
Kind, gentle, caring, thoughtful
Everything seems good with him
Tell me, how wouldnt I feel Coo Coo?

He appears at the right time
To rescue me from the portal of loneliness
Insecure was what made me feeling hard to trust someone again
He appears at the right moment
To tell me that I deserve someone better
Infinity, endless love is what makes me feeling alive again

Give my someone special a nickname, shall we?
Lolx... Coo Coo it is!
Coo Coo, may I extend my utmost gratitude for accepting who am I
Despite what I have done, what I have encountered before
Lead me to see the brighter side of the world
Purify my grudge, embrace my dreams, fulfill my needs
I'm thanking you with all my heart
Thank You Coo Coo
I Love You

After ended my previous relationship,
I was seriously struggling
I mean, there wasnt a proper ending
U just disappeared like a vapour vanishes in the air
Someone didnt want to admit his lie, what can I do anyway?
YOU.. Yes, I mean YOU, the one who broke my heart with lies
What's up? Y R U still bothering viewing my blog?
U had planned so long to betray me
Lies & full of craps, how could U not just being egoistic but an evil too?
U looked truthful, someone very true to be seen
I'm just disappointed, plain disappointment
Coo Coo suggested me to write U a long email
To express? To complain? Whining aint helping
"I lost you 3 years ago & I wont lose you again"
What a statement! Awesome!
I'm not angry, not keeping grudge or anything
I'm pretty glad though to see the evil side of U
Its just sad & pathetic..
I pity U.. R U that scared to be Ur true self?

Bout the "V" I mentioned earlier
U did help me when I was so lost
Thanks to you too
I tried, I did try
Its just wont work, perhaps we R from a different world
Thanks.. & I am sorry
But dare U blame me on that
I did not cheat Ur feeling, not even a bit
I told U that I need times to do my little self recovery
But U just don understand
I bet U have found another piece of happiness
Good for U, U R a great guy, stay happy as usual
Promise me!

Coo Coo, I am just impressed by Ur patience & love
Slowly U have become a part of my life
I cherish every single moment with U
Its a long road, lets Actions speak louder than word
Thank you everyone for those sincere wishes
Yea.. I am not longer single!
I am in love with Coo Coo, so much indeed :)

I Love You!


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