Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dubai again..?

Like I said previously
I'll b away to Dubai for 7 days
& it wasnt just solely Dubai
Covered Beirut & Karachi as well
Its rare to be rostered for this kind of airbus flight
Money good + Long stay
Its just that I missed someone special badly when I was there

Both of them R Wide Body crew
They both said this 7 days Dubai flight allowance is little
Of course, compared to their London, Amsterdam, Paris all Euro flight'
Dubai does seem a little tiny
But for me? Waaa.. A lot already!!

& Again I mentioned before
Briyani none-stop man.. Never ending!!
Sick of it but still chunk in everything to my stomach
Oh yea, this baby is so cute!!
& I wonder all Arabian parents R like that
Love to leave their kids around the floor

Its getting darker
& Dubai is heading to Winter
The weather is just perfect man!

I never could imagine Dubai can be that pretty at nite
With all the lights & scenary
Took boat riding
Wanted to enjoy the sea breeze
All I tasted was the "smell" of Arabian.......................
Ya Allah......

Even when U walk on the street..
Arabian smell.. Waa.. So strong!!!!

Beirut is beautiful
Its just what a regret that we R not allowed to take pic around the airport
So what now?
Take pic in aircraft ba!

Here I would like to introduce Aircraft Lavatory = Toilet
It is not big
Can U see that?
A little space of aircraft is money
So save space for more seats
Make any sense to U?
No Smoking pls..
& also Latch the door when U R doing business
Okay.. I know how over is this pic
Very the posing lolx

There is Pillow & Blanket for each individual
Enjoy Ur flight with us!

Coming soon.. Introduce something I have bought recently
& for sure gonna introduce my someone special :)
Good day guyz! Ciaoz~

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  1. yes, faster introduce your special someone..hehe..