Monday, November 9, 2009

Myanmar, An Unexpected Experience

Just another flying day
I was on standby at home
Tried calling duty officer to get flight
Of course, preferably Nite Stop or better still if it is a Airbus Nite Stop
Oh well, guess the Luck God wasnt by my side
I got only Myanmar Yangon daily flight
I struggled for a moment
In the end, YES I'm in
I told myself, luck will come in future mayb not today
Go for it ba~

When we arrived, something happened to the aircraft
Aircraft tailing was having some problems
If U were to ask me
What is Tailing all about? Well.. I don know though lolx
So we waited n waited till no time
Been waiting for almost 4 hours
Captain made announcement
All passengers R to disembark & we all gotta spend a nite here in Myanmar!!
I was so so ready to go for a nite stop
But the problem is.. I didnt bring any thing at all!
& tat includes my clothes, my toiletries
& I thought I could go back after my flight
To see someone special
But then.. The situation didnt allow me to choose

Alright.. the below pics R so so so small..
Yea.. I didnt bring my camera along
Didnt expect to have nite stop kan~
Don blame me.. blame my handphone ok!!
I love this airport so so much
Look at its design!!
Ground staffs R very funny lolx
& me?
Sempat lagi to take pic
Captain seems frustrated as well
Anyway.. Welcome to Yangon International Airport, Myanmar

Cannot believe it
Myanmar seems so so kampung though
Ladies wearing sarong
Even mens as well!

& the so called Authorized money changer is located beside of toilet
How official it is kan~ hahha!

This is a check note
Which is not exactly a bank note
It is equivalent to USD 20
Only can be used in Myanmar
Can U see how strong is the connection between US & Myanmar?

After waited & waited in the airport
Without realizing it
We waited for another 3 hours plus before we settled the arrangement
Bad news R we gotta share room
But it seems to be a good news for me cuz I don wanna wait any longer!!
We arrived in this Service Apartment Hotel

Micase it is!

Basically, this service apartment is kinda cozy
Immediately we called our family members
But then my someone special was flying too
No choice but to call my sister
Yea forgot to mention..
Myanmar has no roaming for any number from the world
Except its own number from Myanmar itself
How crazy...!!
Took a quick bathe
Still wearing my uniform
The sandal provided by the hotel
Seems suit my uniform very well haha
Oops.. Sempat lagi

Went down for Dinner Buffet
Even my colleagues wearing uniform too hahhaa
Very funny

This is Myanmar Bank Note
What it is called? Erhm.. I don know man
Malaysia is Malaysia Ringgit but Myanmar? Haha!
Heard from the hotel reception
2nite is a full moon nite
Yea the moon was so round n full
She said market will open until kinda late
Ok lets head to the town to shop!!

Along the way U can see all this
Especially this one is the most significant I guess
I love this kind of temple man!!
Got myself a pack of cig
Its only RM 2.. My god!!!

The town doesnt look like a town for me either
Can reali see Myanmar is not reali an developed country yet

Got myself "well dressed" after that lolx
Taken some pics with Myanmar Girls too
They don understand my english though
Just grab whatever I can wear then pay it!

Next morning
A beautiful morning I was hoping so to go back KL
The view from the balcony
Still that kampung.. lolx

Does anyone knows what is the name of this?
Chinese name it Oil Fried Ghost
It has a glamour name too
Chinese Croissant

The standard Nivea we see in Malaysia will never be that small
It is only RM 0.50 which is 50 cents.. MY GOD!!
Guess U guyz have no interest to see all these small small pic
Me too actually
I didnt have a choice though
Coming will be some stuff that I have bought recently
Now let this post rocks for 2 days 1st yea
I just got back from Korea, will upload those pic soon too
Great day man!


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