Friday, November 27, 2009

New Property of Mine! This year 2009

I own a Samsung Laptop
Kinda bulky & heavy
The speed was slow & its not worthy to even spend a little
To add the RAM
Well.. might as well get a new one, true?
I have too many pics stored in it
When I need to reformat my laptop
Wash away everything?
Erhm.. Y not get an external hard disk?
Based on all these, strong enough to convince myself

To spend a little, get everything new!

320GB External Hard Disk
Red in colour, very the over looking
Bet it is worthy anyway :P

Yes it is just an Acer
Nothing much expensive or glamour
Something weighted very light
Easy to bring along especially bcuz of my job

It is a shame that it comes with no DVD room
External DVD room then
MOJ.. as long as U have the money, true? haha!
OMG.. My next post would be bout my someone special
Very nervous!! Well guyz, thanks for all of your kind wishes
Hehe.. See U on my next post!


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