Thursday, December 10, 2009

A little Confession

What is going on recently?
I've been feeling extremely lazy
& my body is getting fat!!!
Bcuz of Coo Coo.. every night supper supper!!!
Don even feel like blogging

I was in Beijing
I love those trees
Winter winter, so cold!!!

Thinking bout it..
I have been to almost every destination without a year of flying
Lucky? Yes I guess so
Bored? Erhm.. Started to.. feeling more & more bored..

My days R pretty simple nowadays
Last time without Coo Coo
Just doing Flight, Sleep, PSP, Online
& Flight, Sleep, PSP, Online
Now that I am with Coo Coo
Become Flight, Sleep together, Eat together &
Flight, Sleep together, Eat together
How wouldnt I get fat?!
So Ivy is true, when I'm in love
Easily gain weight!!
Days have become very the routine lately, is very THE routine
I guess it will maintain like this until the day I change another new job
But I don wan to, I do love my job!
Love meeting new ppl, Love traveling (kononnye)
Went checking my past rosters, I have not been doing any 4 sectors
For almost 2 months plus, its a miracle!
I just did yesterday 5 sectors up to Labuan nite stop
Gosh.. its killing me! Energy all driven away

So what to do now?
Plain boring.. Coo Coo is not around
To look for Evon? She seems busy.. Mayb I should just buzz her later
To meet new frens? I don do that..
To meet old frens? Erhm.. mostly lost contact
Its just me alone.. All alone..
Its alright I guess.. Back to my PSP ba!
God.. Please let me have something fresh & new in my life
I am always that happening, true?
That's Y I cant stay silence the whole nite..!!!!

I have thought bout what to blog for my next post
Probably bout the summary of 2009
In the year of 2009.. Kinda lots of thing happened
At least I have something in my mind
Better than nothing in my mind I guess

Sigh, enough for this post
Live everyday as if 2molo is the end of the world
Appreciate each day, Love each day

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  1. hehe.. got partner already...
    ya... agree with you... appreciate everyday..
    happy flying~~