Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Delhi, 2nd Visit

As a flight attendant, regardless which airlines
We all have our own feeling towards Indian Route
& I find mostly don enjoy it
Lucky to say, my the only rostered DEL so far was cancelled
Been there twice for now, I took DEL from someone else
Not that I enjoy being called for Water Water non stop
Or even Pepsi 7up all the way
Its just I simply love Airbus flight lolx
Feel more like a real Cabin Crew
Though I gotta walk all the way restless to DEL

I remember I did mention U could hear car, bus, tuk tuk
Giving its best honk everywhere
As if they R rushing or something
Do U know whenever a Chinese gets irritated for being honk
We would probably say "Honk Lanjiao ah? Rushing to die isit?"
Btw, is it HORN or HONK?
Look at New Delhi's colourful bus, HORN PLEASE
Oh yea.. U R very the courtesy using "Please" this word haha!
Asking ppl to honk U.. Kinda weird isnt it?
Well its not just in DEL, sometimes U could see it in Malaysia too
Riding on a bike without safety helmet
This lady is the best example
For such a dangerous driving experience in DEL
She could not be bothered & even *YAWN* a big time
Moment of truth! Haha!

I still cannot imagine Y would DEL a capital city
Where U can see all these around the city
Still developing? I hope so
Oops, the tuk tuk fee is now INR 37.90
I spotted this luxurious Cab
Maxi Cab haha! Identical to Coo Coo real name though
It was 15 degree Celsius in DEL
Kinda cold especially when the wind blows
I saw this lonely shop with a crazy old man
Can U see that he has scarf covered around his neck?
But then his bottom was a fancy style sarong
Yea Slim & Long legs he has got!
Plus his Superman Action?
Wat a great photo shoot I did! Haha!
Tuk Tuk
Very dangerous vehicle!!!

The guy on the left
His name is Azrizan
1st Airbus Solo into DEL
Wat an experience for him
He was very the excited, it reminds me of my 1st Airbus DEL too
He keeps reminding me to upload all tis pic in FaceBook
Aye Aye! It took me few days before I uploaded it
Enjoy ur pic!!
It was kinda early when we reached Sarojini Market
Kinda empty but the smell was like.. forever exist!
Everyone seems to wear long sleeve
Yea it was cold! Cant imagine DEL would be cold though

Look at its buildings
Again.. ironically DEL is the capital city my dear

This is cool
The artificial model standing there
Giving its best advertisement
But the thing is...
Ur BOOBS R fucking sharp!!!
Both of us were there waiting for another stewardess
She purchased 55 pieces of Sari
Selling in Malaysia, she is able to earn double
A very good deal, mayb I should consider doing it
While waiting, the dealer gave us this
ASSAM TEA, I was laughing
ASSAM is like ASAM, which is sour! Sour Tea?
It tasted very the original Indian Tea lolx

How do I look like?
Very funny, don U think so?!
Its a good news anyway, I was not born to be an Indian
Bcuz it doesnt suit me at all!!
Ok, make a deal! Forever I will not be Indian for my next life or next next life!!
Steamed Dumplings
Indian names them MoMos
8 pieces for INR 30 which is around MYR 2.50
Very cheap!!

Fried MoMos looking good!!!
I was not dare to try local foods though for my 1st DEL
But then this time, belasah the whole thing
Very delicious!! I am gonna miss DEL foods!
Vegie noodles, full of ajinomoto
I prefer to have all MoMos than curry chix or vegie noodles
New discovery! DEL is not just Sarojini Market
But also its foods
Someone is bout to give me DEL next month
I wan to eat again.. MoMos!!

Back to Malaysia
Coo Coo was waiting for me
For he is a christian, we R gonna have an earlier celebration
on 23rd nite, we went to Sunway
Buffet dinner was his idea, he planned for it
I gave him this!
The reason? He bought me perfume before this
Not exactly cheap but his own perfume is very cheap
I think he deserves a better perfume!

Dunhill' Desire Blue!
I hope he likes it
It smells good, real good actually
As a cabin crew, U got any perfume cheaper in the airport
Good deal kan? lolx
Merry Christmas Coo Coo
This pic taken in Sunway
Y is the proportion of my body looking weird?
Long hands but short body?!
I guess Coo Coo don know how to take pic
Haha.. I look so ugly!!
Oh yes! Need not to doubt another time
I was in Kuching on Xmas
Nothing but sleep on the bed for the whole nite
But then 2nite, 27th is another celebration with Evon!
Hopefully we would have a great dinner & wines!

Next month roster is out!
Going to Dubai & Colombo
1st time to Colombo, nothing to do but Noritake
Anyway, see the world ba~
Enjoy to the max!!!
Most probably this could be my 2nd last blog tis year
Here I wish everyone
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2010
Have a great year ahead!

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