Sunday, December 20, 2009

Some Overalls Some Results

Time flies n flies.. Nearly end of the Year 2009 my holy!

What have I been doing?

Nothing more than just flying here & there

Routine life as usual

Flew to Incheon, Seoul, South Korea again tis month

It was 0 degree and -4 the next day

Cold till death!!!

Do U notice the way we smile? Very the big smile

I got compliments from supervisory crews tis time

Not just verbally but with written compliments too

It pays back all my hardworks! Halleluyah~

Back from Seoul, I did some daily flights

This is a Vietnamese, from Hanoi Noi-Bai International Airport

He could speak mandarin though!

He asked me did I watch the Vietnamese VS Malaysian football game

I was like "eeeeerrrr... I don know..."

Even nowadays entertainment news, whack my empty head pls

Dude out there who is working would probably understand my situation :p

In the center is Hennie Goh

To the right is Miss Pegent Melissa

Its been the 3rd time we fly together

Wat a fate!!

Hang out with batchmates during day off

At 1st I was a little lazy

I keep telling myself its gonna be fun

Yea.. It is fun though!

I wonder Y would I feel such a way..

Every time before I leave my house

I would feel so resistance even to leave my room

Eventually, it always turn out to be a fun day

Terence & Eenaz (Meh Meh)

Kan.. Christmas is coming!

My Coo Coo is celebrating

He got Annual Leave while I got Kuching Nite Stop

So I will be celebrating in Kuching

Its alright though, cuz we R gonna have an earlier celebration!

Exchange gift? Oh God.. I havent even buy anything yet

Need to budget budget my pocket 1st

U know kan.. CNY is coming soon too!!

Megat joined us after that

Decided to have earlier dinner together

Then hit the cinema hall

Avatar? Heard of it?

Well I didnt like the prelude though

Give it a try I told myself

Avatar normal cinema hall R all full

Paid extra RM6 for better sensation of movie

Avatar 3D!! Worthy? Mayb

So here R our coolest 3D shade!

Haha! Everyone looks nerd

& of course.. I looked Nerd too!!

I told ya!

I love my shirt!!

Evon said it does look like a total Crason style

I Like~ Look naughty & colourful hahhaa

End of my whole week flying

Back to Kepong for 2 days rest

Saturday & Sunday

Mostly R doing their clubbing nite

While I stuff myself with my bed, laptop & PSP

Yawn.. I cant stop yawning..
Time to sleep again, get more rest
Before another 6 days working
Next Destination, New Delhi India
Its the best chance to shop for CNY new clothes!
Himalya products! Deep sea mud mask!
Alright people, good days ahead!
Summary of 2009 is coming soon!

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  1. ur pics remind me of Christmas....
    I miss Christmas alot =(